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Doreen’s Dollhouse for Stitchers

Hi everyone

We’re going to start 2014 on a fun note – a dollhouse made by Doreen Mcgregor that’s full of all the things that stitchers love – fabric, thread, notions, magazines, kits, yarns etc – and all hand made.

It was first shown at the Guild’s 2011 Exhibition but has proved to be such a hit with the public that it’s been on display again since then.

Doreen is an incredibly talented needlewoman. She’s usually sitting and chatting quietly while doing the most exquisite and complex Hardanger pieces but can also create lovely things in just about any embroidery style. She can also knit up a storm! And does funky as well as traditional.

Her dollhouse shows an attention to detail that’s just awesome. Here’s a first look:

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 15 by Doreen Mcgregor

It’s 25 cm or 10 inches high. The shell was bought but Doreen added the signage and most of the fittings and merchandise.

The name of the shop The Crafty Tadpole is a clever play on the name of Doreen’s favourite embroidery supplies shop in Canberra – The Crafty Frog. You can find the latter’s website here.

Now for some more pics of the outside and windows:

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 2 A by Doreen McGregor

Doreen stitched all those cross stitch pictures you see on the back wall specially for the dollhouse and they’re fingernail size!

Crafty Tadpole 1 by Doreen McGregor

Aren’t those bolts of fabric she created just fantastic?

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 10 by Doreen McGregor

How about these teeny tiny replicas of embroidery magazines?

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 6 by Doreen McGregor

and all those hanks of embroidery thread displayed on the wall?

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 3 by Doreen McGregor

I couldn’t get over how she’d crafted these tiny balls of yarn with their own brand in a whole range of colours…..and the coat hangers

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse No. 4 by Doreen McGregorNo detail has been forgotten – Doreen embroidered this carpet in canvaswork for the floorcovering…

Would you like some closer looks?

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 5 by Doreen McGregor

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 7 by Doreen McGregor

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse by Doreen McGregor

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 8 by Doreen McGregor

This miniature hardanger is just lovely and the fact that it’s the size of a large postage stamp really shows what a talented crafter Doreen is…….and yes she made those rolls of ribbon too! Doreen’s daughter Leigh made the sewing box – more about that later.

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 9 by Doreen McGregor

Those tiny kits in the window are also hand made by Doreen. One of my favourite items is the sewing pattern in miniature next to the sewing machine. Doreen’s daughter Leigh mocked up the carry box for the sewing machine in the left hand corner at the back as a birthday present for her mum.

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 12 by Doreen McGregor

Leigh also made this sewing basket and its contents as part of her gift while Doreen stitched the bargello bag……

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 13 by Doreen McGregor

and these two pieces of embroidery!

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 14 by Doreen McGregor

Just had to share the love for this funky purple bag!

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 16 by Doreen McGregor

As mentioned earlier that sewing box in the back right hand corner was also made from scratch by Leigh as part of her mum’s birthday present…….serious crafty talent in this family don’t you think?

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 17 by Doreen Mcgregor

Has Doreen’s dollhouse made you smile? It certainly brings out the child in me! Don’t forget to click on the photos if you want to see them in more detail.

Bye for now.