Our Proud Needlework History

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The Guild was founded in 1962 when Doreen Warren, wife of the rector of the new Anglican church in O’Connor was looking for people who might create the embroidered linen for the church. She gathered together a small group who became the founding members of the Guild

During the early years meetings were held in members’ homes. There were 31 members at the first Annual General meeting in 1963

In 1969 a Constitution was written and adopted and the group became the Embroiderers’ Guild ACT.

The Guild was incorporated in 1983.



2 Responses to Our Proud Needlework History

  1. Jan Vidler says:

    Hello, You have a great website and from the pictures on the website you have some very talented members.
    There were 31 members at the first AGM in 1963.
    How many members are there now?

    • Gail H says:

      Hi Jan, Thanks, and sorry for the delay – I think the current membership, including juniors, numbers somewhere around 200 or so. The Guild is still going strong! Regards, Gail

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