Baby Blanket for Princess Charlotte

Hi everyone

A  very quick catch up to let you know the Guild has had the most wonderful news – we’ve been selected to embroider the wool blanket that’s part of the gift from the Australian Government to the new baby Princess Charlotte of Cambridge!!! Woo ho0 we’re all over the moon!

You can read more about it here on the ABC site.


A Head’s Up on What’s Happening Here

Hi everyone

Sorry for the break in posts but we’re in transition to a new arrangement at the moment. I’ve been writing the Guild’s blog for the last 18 months or so and it’s time to hand over to someone else – in this case to one of the Guild’s very talented members Gail Haidon.

Doing this requires a lot of training in WordPress, prepping images for the web etc for Gail but she’s just about ready to get going with her take on the blog. Gail’s going to do the next post and then I’ll do a final one before handing over completely to her.

I’ve had a blast doing the blog and it’s inspired me to start my own writing about my stitchy and other adventures. You can find my blog at – hope to see you all there!


Jacobean Jewel

Hi everyone

Today I’m going to share a wonderful piece from the Guild’s Collection. It’s a bag decorated with a Jacobean embroidery design. It was stitched by one of our most accomplished members Margaret Thompson.

It’s a lovely object and without further ado here’s the eye candy:

Jacobean Bag by Margaret Thompson

Detail 1 of Jacobean Bag by Margaret Thompson

Detail 2 of Jacobean Bag by Margaret Thompson

Detail 3-Jacobean-Embroidery-on-bag-in-Collection-150x150