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The Blog is Back! April 2020

Due to time and volunteer pressures, our Blog has been idle for quite a while. However, while in the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus we are unable to all meet in person, we have decided to share some of our members’ recent work here.

Show and Tell 13 July 2020

Guild members are continuing to produce a huge variety of work. It’s nice to see the progress being made on items, whether slowly or very fast! Although there are no dog photos this week, who knows what the future may bring?

Alison A has been inspired by a plant she has seen growing on local Mount Majura

Catherine M is working on some lovely small bullion rose motifs

Cathy M continues to work on her crewel work.

Elvi McC has had framed this beautiful piece as a gift for her sister. You can’t tell so well in the photo, but the frame really highlights the gold in the embroidery.

As if Fran didn’t have enough work on the go, this work in progress is a reverse applique pond.

Gloria S is working on some Aztec inspired embroideries.

Kathy P is continuing her cross stitches of window views.

Liz C is continuing work on this very cute caravan.

Lynden Y is continuing her work on her very first stumpwork piece. Lots of learning involved, but it is coming along nicely. The scary cutting is to come.

Prue D has started work on a canvaswork glasses case

Sarah K took advantage of puppy nap time to cut out her hardanger. Her husband says she took a perfectly good piece of material and cut it to pieces! Sarah says now she just has to remember how to do the needle weaving!

Tracey K has produced a very hungry caterpillar for a baby shower that her daughter is attending. That is a lot of bullions, but very effective.

Trish P is almost finished each of the motifs and ready to stitch the lines between.

Show and Tell 6 July 2020

Members are continuing to enjoy being able to gather in the Real World. Although this week we are continuing the theme of cute pet photos, someone is in the bad books!

Anne D has finished making up a Sashiko quilt. It is called ‘Perseverance’ as there were many challenges that she needed to overcome to get to this amazing result.

Alison A made amazing progress with this lovely lighthouse cross stitch made for
her son. There is a lot of detail in it and being locked down allowed her to really crack on
with it.

Monica A has put aside the work that she was doing and picked up again her lovely
Autumn leaves

Yvonne K is making great progress on her cutwork piece from Christine Bishop’s class, with it all stitched together.

Sarah K got to pick up from the framers some blackwork that her mum, Claire did. It is a lovely souvenir from her trip to London with the pattern purchased while visiting the Royal School of Needlework.

Remember Clive, Sarah K’s newest doggie addition to the family? Well, Clive, although still loved, is in disgrace after destroying Sarah’s Challenge piece from the Guild’s 2018 Exhibition!
… and here is Sarah’s Altoid Tin Challenge piece, pre-Clive’s “help”.

This is why Sarah didn’t do any sewing over the weekend. With her mum visiting with her Cocker Spaniel Paris, Sarah’s lap and hands were rather full! (Editor’s note: clearly Clive is not in THAT much disgrace!)

Show and Tell 29 June 2020

Here are our latest photos, and it seems that we may have started a trend in photos of cute pets assisting (or not, as the case may be) with stitching, at least let’s hope so!

Patricia P is working on a lovely fine embroidery kit from Colleen Goy

Cathy M has finished her chicken scratch piece from the internal Guild class earlier this year

Cathy M is now also working on her crewel work piece from a class with Anna Scott

Patricia P is also working on her one from the same Anna Scott class.

Cecelia S is sewing together some squares that had been donated to make a rug.

Catherine M has just started her first piece of ribbon embroidery purchased from the recycle

Elvi McC is working on her piece from the Delma Moore honeyeater class.

Pat B was working on her tweed piece, another project from the Creative Group.

Jillian B has been performing doggy day care duties for a new Toy Cavoodle belonging to her daughter’s family. Jillian decided to weigh him in the Thermomix, and we assume he was removed before it was time to cook dinner! That’s surely an acceptable reason for not showing any stitching.

Sarah K has been able to get to some surface stitching, ably assisted by furry friends Chloe and Clive.

Show and Tell 22 June 2020

Apart from the busy behind the scenes work going on in the Guild Library and Recycle Room, members have been working on all types of projects. If you’re wondering why there’s a non-craft photo, I couldn’t resist because it’s the best reason for not stitching that I’ve heard in a while! (Apologies to members if I’ve mixed anything up – I seem to have had a few “technical difficulties” in sorting photos!)

This cutwork bag from Christine Bishop’s class has progressed to the assembly, but sadly Cathy M forgot to bring her thread to the guild. It’s always tricky to remember to bring everything with you, but maybe we are a bit out of the habit?

Look at the progress that Anne D has made with her cross-stitch since last time!

Anne D mentioned previously buying a Trapunto kit from a craft fair, and here it is!

Elvi McC is putting finishing touches to a cross stitch advent calendar that she has dug out of her stash.

The Creative Group had a project entitled “Inchies”, and here is Fran N’s interpretation

Jasmine H was working on a beautiful smocked dress

Leonie H is doing a series of embroidered blocks for a quilt.

Sharen B is working on some beautiful 3 dimensional embroidered flowers.

And finally this week, a very relaxing photo. Sarah K has a great excuse for not stitching in the past week in Clive, her
new 10-month-old whippet!

Show and Tell 15 June 2020

Members have been very happy to be able to resume some small meetings, and share their work in person (subject to appropriate restrictions, of course). For those of us who are unable to attend for now, here is a little selection.

Leigh C was working on this lovely piece of hardanger

Pat B is continuing her work on her Or Nue piece inspired by a picture on a card. Some of us have been watching this one with interest, and there’s still a way to go yet

Elvi McC has been doing some very delicate stitching on some quilt blocks. The sayings and pictures are lovely!

Lynden Y is making her first foray into goldwork with a lovely kit from Alison Cole. It is definitely looking spectacular

Anne D has only just started a cross stitch piece with a saying that many of us can relate to

Jasmine H has been making her daughter a hat for her birthday every year. This year her daughter has helped design and create the hat. Very beautiful!

Show and Tell 8 June 2020

Our “regular” weekly sessions don’t usually take place on an ACT Public Holiday, however in these different times, we are finding more flexible ways to operate. For details of our current meeting procedures for members, see here.

Sarah K’s progress report: “After every stitching session on my cross stitch for the last 5 months I have been asking my husband if he likes the horse I am making him. Finally this week we broke through and he could see the horse! It is all downhill from here. “

Show and Tell 25 May 2020

It’s a little quiet on the members’ photo front this week, although I’m sure that there is plenty of craft work of all kinds going on. Sarah K’s comment prompts me to remember how great it is when the picture starts to “appear” when doing counted cross stitch.

However I have heard on the grapevine that some members are still contemplating what to do about this year’s “Members’ Challenge” project, and I confess I’m one – will my idea work out? Who knows, but I’m pressing on.

Robyn D has been diving into her stash and found this lovely lavender bag that hadn’t been made up, so she finished it up ready for the gift shop.

Sarah K: “I have finished making up my challenge piece and am making good progress on my cross stitch, so I am feeling quite self satisfied at the moment. Progress picture on the cross stitch is attached. At last I have started the horse!
I have just spent another afternoon with my niece on video doing some surface stitching this time. We are really getting into the swing of it now! I think that she has already decided that she prefers the canvas work. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Show and Tell 18 May 2020

Jan H has once again been busy producing Pippa the Pygmy Hippopotamus. (Gotta love those ankles!)
An original design.

From Gloria S, here are some of the cards she has been cross stitching. Gloria says she really enjoys seeing what others are making.

From Sarah K: “My niece finished her very first embroidery, a canvas work bookmark that I showed her how to make over video conferencing. A very good first effort and hopefully I have helped her find a new interest.”

Sarah K: “[Spool hoops] are available at Fox Collection and on ebay and I now couldn’t imagine stitching with a hoop without them.”

Show and Tell 11 May 2020

Members are continuing to keep busy, and here is some of their latest work.

See the captions for details. I’m particularly enjoying members’ comments about their work, and Anne D, I’m with you on both the trials of beading, and the “need” for online shopping!

The final projects looking lovely in Agnes’s hallway

Anne D has completed ‘Daisy Meadow’ which is the final project she did in Jenny Adin-Christie’s whitework class during a tour of the UK
Anne D has also finished ‘Paisley Garden’ from Simplee Designs, which is a UFO finally completed after putting off the beading for quite a while. From Anne: “I did not enjoy the beading and am now over beading for life. Chasing tiny beads around a container, putting them onto a needle and trying desperately to get them to look right on the fabric is not my scene.
I have just about finished the preparation for the Trapunto kit from Annie London that I bought from the Great Australian Craft Show on line a few weeks ago. I definitely didn’t need it but what has need got to do with anything.”

Genevieve T says “The Fox is entirely appropriate for the year I think! It is a pattern from Spruce Craft Co”

Show and Tell 4 May 2020

We don’t usually have general meetings on an ACT Public Holiday (last Monday for ANZAC Day), however this week, Show and Tell is back. Lesley F is making progress on her piece, and Tracey K has a great sense of satisfaction in having finished some things.

Tracey K has a contribution for the Guild gift shop

Tracey K says that this Sashiko panel was a birthday present and was a pleasure to stitch – Dragonflies and irises by HM textiles. Stitched with DMC perle 8 – 92.

Tracey K says that this last one is a piece of sashiko that her mum started and she finished and made it into a purse for her mum’s birthday. The pattern in Shippo tsunagi stitched in Olympus thread Variegated Blue – color #72

Show and Tell 20 April 2020

Here are some more creations, old and new, from members. And you can’t stop members from finding a way to share knowledge. Sarah K says: “Now I am off to spend the day video conferencing with my 25 year old niece who wanted to learn how to embroider. She was going to come down from Sydney for a visit, but we have had to find a different way. I sent her a package of goodies and we are starting on a canvas work bookmark today. It will be interesting to teach via video conference, but I am sure we will work it out somehow.”


Monica A says:
This is a piece I did soon after I joined the guild, so probably between 1996 and 1998. The guild had a scented sachet challenge as part of the Christmas party and I decided to make a eucalyptus scented sachet. It’s made entirely out of hand-painted silk. I had painted the silk and made the leaves, and the wonderful Margaret Roberts, who convened the creative group at that time, suggested I add the flowers – and showed me how to do them. The flowers really lifted the piece.



Agnes S describes her work:
Well it’s an original and it’s on organza. It is 3D and I made up the picture using photos from internet.


Diana C has been able to finish her stunning Black Cockatoo.


Gail H says:
My counted cross stitch band is now ready to attach to a hand towel, for the Guild gift shop. The design is from a DMC Creative World booklet – Ideas for Embroidery.



Julie’s mystery project

Members will know that Julie K is just brimming with creativity, and we never know what she will come up with next. Sometimes Julie likes to tease her friends with something crafty, and recently she had a little “competition” asking for guesses as to what her latest project was going to turn out to be.

Here are her comments, complete with some “fun facts”!:

OK so this is ‘Lady Covid Bug’. She certainly is a crowning glory bug. You can see she is not tiny, the 50c piece gives her scale.

Fun Facts:
There are over 5,000 species globally
An adult can live from 1 to 3 years
Main predators are frogs, wasps and spiders
They have 6 short legs
They have a top speed 24km/h
They secrete an oily, yukky, yellow fluid from joints in their legs.
Diet – mostly carnivores
In its lifespan a single ladybird can gobble up more than 5,000 aphids
The most common ladybird has seven spots
Maximum length 1cm
Some people may be allergic to their bites and may develop a rash
In many cultures they are considered GOOD LUCK (you got it)

Show and Tell – 13 April 2020

Feedback from members indicates that many of us have decided to continue our regular Monday Guild meeting embroidery. Liz C has said “The first Monday in “lockdown” I pretended to go to the Embroiderer’s Guild. Got my bag, said Goodbye to my husband and headed out one door and in another. Of course we started with a cuppa!”
So members, settle down with your beverage, keep on stitching your Monday projects, and don’t forget to send in some photos (works in progress, as well as finished items are welcome) – our member newsletter told you how and where to send them.


Sarah K says:
I have actually started putting needle and thread together on my creative challenge piece, and it is starting to come together. Also it gave me a chance to get out my Kumihimo Disk and make some cord to use on it. Lots of fun and very meditative once I got into the flow. I am also trying to spend my Mondays doing the embroidery that I would usually take the guild. As my travelling piece, it wouldn’t otherwise get much done on it at the moment. It is a design by Paula Dengel which was included in one of the Nordic Needle annual competitions.


Meryl F has been enjoying the company of her regular visiting magpies. She doesn’t have anything ready to show this week, but says:
Have my head in my current embroidery piece……trying to remember the method for lacy wrap…..almost about to stamp my feet!!!!! Does that sound crazy enough?


Lesley J has finished her “travelling sampler”, that went with her on a tour of Europe (mentioned in a previous Monday Facebook post), and is now wondering what to do with it!


Lesley J hopes that there will be many more angels like this. The pattern is from Burda Hardanger E862


Lesley J has been busy! This dogwood, from Candamar Design, is waiting to be washed and blocked. This pattern came from the Guild recycle table.


Gail H was working on a counted cross stitch, eventually to go onto a hand towel for the Guild gift shop. She said:
I remembered that the pedal thingy was in the garage, so now I can multitask!

Show and Tell – 6 April 2020



Jillian B is obviously getting an early start for Christmas, and has sent in this photo of her craft table


Our member Loic J has recently been studying Chinese embroidery in Adelaide with Margaret Lee. Here is what he is currently working on while back home in Canberra. He says it’s not finished yet(!), and adds: I’m pretty happy with myself, the second layer of the fur cat face is done and can go back to the fur body. I have some colour arrangements to do with the white but will do that during the 3rd layer.

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Baby Blanket for Princess Charlotte

Hi everyone

A  very quick catch up to let you know the Guild has had the most wonderful news – we’ve been selected to embroider the wool blanket that’s part of the gift from the Australian Government to the new baby Princess Charlotte of Cambridge!!! Woo ho0 we’re all over the moon!

You can read more about it here on the ABC site.


A Head’s Up on What’s Happening Here

Hi everyone

Sorry for the break in posts but we’re in transition to a new arrangement at the moment. I’ve been writing the Guild’s blog for the last 18 months or so and it’s time to hand over to someone else – in this case to one of the Guild’s very talented members Gail Haidon.

Doing this requires a lot of training in WordPress, prepping images for the web etc for Gail but she’s just about ready to get going with her take on the blog. Gail’s going to do the next post and then I’ll do a final one before handing over completely to her.

I’ve had a blast doing the blog and it’s inspired me to start my own writing about my stitchy and other adventures. You can find my blog at – hope to see you all there!


Jacobean Jewel

Hi everyone

Today I’m going to share a wonderful piece from the Guild’s Collection. It’s a bag decorated with a Jacobean embroidery design. It was stitched by one of our most accomplished members Margaret Thompson.

It’s a lovely object and without further ado here’s the eye candy:

Jacobean Bag by Margaret Thompson

Detail 1 of Jacobean Bag by Margaret Thompson

Detail 2 of Jacobean Bag by Margaret Thompson

Detail 3-Jacobean-Embroidery-on-bag-in-Collection-150x150



Kay’s Exquisite ‘Reflections of Silk’

Hi everyone

Where has the last week gone??!! I can’t believe it’s over a week since the previous post.

In this post we’re going to feature an exquisite Canvaswork piece called Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid. It’s a French sampler by Stella Sampler. Here it is:

Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Stewart Bath was clearly intrigued by this lovely piece because he’s photographed close-ups of every motif. I’m going to show a selection only in this post as there are 31 motifs and to include them all would make this an ultra marathon post! The whole collection is on the Canvaswork Gallery here.

Now here’s the selection of motifs:

Detail 2 of Reflections of Silk by Kay Reid

Detail 3 from Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Detail 4 of Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Detail 18 of Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Detail 20 of Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Detail 22 of Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Detail 23 of Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Detail 26 of Reflections of Silk stitched by Kay Reid

Awesome use of colour, pattern and geometry don’t you think?



Meryl’s Exquisite Hardanger Runner

Hi everyone

It’s a while since we’ve shared some Hardanger so here’s an elegant table runner stitched by Meryl Fellows.

Meryl’s very talented on a whole range of embroidery techniques and it’s awesome to watch her working on a Hardanger piece – she’s just so fast! We have to be very quick to get photos because her work is usually a gift for someone in her family and needs to be posted somewhere! It’s also so cool watching her with the Young Stitchers……

Now to the eye candy….

Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows

Detail 1 of Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows

Detail 2 of Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows

Detail 3 of Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows

Detail 4 of Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows

Detail 5 of Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows



Diana’s Story Box

Hi again

As promised here’s the second box stitched by Diana Churchill. It’s quite a large box and covered in delightful detail.

Here’s the first side…

Side 1 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

and again from a different angle….

Detail 1 of Side 1 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

Now to side 2……

Side 2 of Large Embroidered Box sticthed by Diana Churchill

Side 3….

Side 3 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

and side 4

Side 4 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

And for those of you who love to look close up at the stitching and motifs here are some cute details…..

Detail 1 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

Detail 2 of Large Embroidered Box  stitched by Diana Churchill

Detail 3 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

Detail 4 of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

and last but not least here’s the lid…

Lid of Large Embroidered Box stitched by Diana Churchill

Doesn’t it just make you smile and want to be a little kid again??!

Thank you Diana for sharing your awesome boxes and also Stewart (Bath) for the great photos.



Diana’s Flower Box

Hi everyone

This is a quick post to show you a small elegant box beautifully embroidered by Diana Churchill.

It’s also a taster for a larger and more elaborate box stitched by Diana that I’m going to show you in the next post.

Here’s the eye candy…

Small Box with Flowers stitched by Diana Churchill

Detail 1 of Small Box with flowers stitched by Diana Churchill

Detail 2 of Small Box with Flowers by Diana Churchill

Detail 3 of Small Box with Flowers stitched by Diana Churchill

Detail 4 of Small Box with Flowers stitched by Diana Churchill

Don’t you just love the palette of variegated colours that Diana’s used? I do!

Take care


Weekend Wonderfuls 9

Hi everyone

On 8 February the Young Stitchers had their first meeting of the year and we’re going to share what they’ve been up to.

There was all the same stitchy energy, chat and enthusiasm. It was great to see the progress being made. The older participants are now tackling more challenging embroidery patterns and some are collecting serious gear……..what’s not to love about the sewing baskets??!

Here’s the eye candy….

Lara’s Rowandean kit called Rutland Water

Lara Rowandean Kit 1 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 3 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 2 Feb 2015

Ella’s Project that includes smocking

Ella Stitching 3 Feb 2015

Ellas Stitching 1 Feb 2015

Ella Stitching 2 Feb 2015

Sophie’s Longstitch project

Sophie Longstitch Feb 2015Georgia’s Owl

Georgias Owl 1 Feb 2015

Georgias Owl 2 Feb 2015

Claire’s embroidery

Claire Stitching Feb 2015

Koki starting her new piece

Koki Stitching Feb 2015

Madeline’s Crazy Cat

Madelines Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Angela’s Crazy Cat

Angelas Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Kimberley’s heart

Kimberleys Heart Feb 2015

Ella’s Owl

Ella Owl Feb 2015

Zara’s Bird

Zara Bird Feb 2015

Elanor’s Panda

Elanor Panda Feb 2015

Elanor Panda 2 Feb 2015Emma’s penguin

Emma Penguin Feb 2015

Cecilia’s projects

Cecilias racoon Feb 2015

Cecilias Stitching Feb 2015

Isn’t it all A-W-E-S-O-M-E?



Pat’s Solvy Landscape

Hi everyone

Today we’re going to share a landscape that Pat Bootland stitched on Solvy water soluble backing. This is the so cool embroidery that emerged when she dissolved the Solvy.

Trees in Landscape by Pat Bootland

Detail 1 of Trees in Landscape by Pat Bootland

I love to watch Pat as she works on these dense, free form areas of stitch such as the tree canopy and the undergrowth. It’s random purposefulness!

Here are some close-ups…..

Detail 2 of Trees in Landscape by Pat Bootland

Detail 3 of Trees in Landscape by Pat Bootland

Detail 4 of Trees in Landscape by Pat Bootland