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2014 Creative Challenge Postcard by Agnes Sieberras

Re-interpretation of WW1 Silk Postcard

2014 Creative Challenge Postcard by Agnes Sieberras

Part of the 2014 ACT Embroiderers Guild Creative Challenge to Re-interpret WW1 postcards. This Challenge linked to the Commemorations of WW1

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  1. Zarina says:

    Hi Rachel,I’m here getting to know you thurgoh your blog and this latest question intrigued me.To me, the study of historical techniques provides me a gold standard for embroidery. When I look at 18th to 19th century ecclesiastical embroideries or royal fashion or embroidered Japanese kimonos all housed in museums now I can see a mastery of technique that is hard to find in today’s world. And so, I seek to learn, to improve, to stitch and fail, and stitch again. I study these techniques just so that I can create work that has significance in my own life. Creating pieces that are based on traditional styles is what I learn on Personally, I think we will look back at this time in our history and feel that we’ve gone thurgoh a Renaissance of sorts in needlework. Just look at the quilting industry it’s been absolutely amazing what has been happening in the past 20 years all the way to the present and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Likewise, this time seems characterized by mixed-media techniques some doing it exceptionally well and others not so well .I see artistic photography soaring to new heights like never seen before I know less about painting but it does seem, as a whole, because of the internet, groups are sharing knowledge and techniques at amazing rates and there are MORE people tapping into their creative energies than ever before. I feel like this time is alive and we are flying. But then, I’m an optimist *smileHave you ever seen the jacobean quilts of Pat Campbell? I believe she added something new to the genre with her bright colors and stylized motifs I’m sure there are thousands more. Good luck on your journey. It seems like you are really enjoying it. And that’s what life is all about. xo Susan

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