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Hi everyone

In this post I’m going to share a lovely Diana Lampe floral garden design stitched by Sue Scorgie one of our very talented members.

Diana Lampe is a very special and well known embroidery designer. She also happens to live in Canberra. These days her creativity is channelled into food writing and vegetarian recipes. You can follow her food journal here

This piece is a very longstanding UFO (unfinished object) of Sue’s. She actually began it in a class with Diana Lampe a long, long time ago and just finished it recently. We’ve had glimpses of it in Looking over Shoulders posts but here’s the finished beauty:

Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Detail 1 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Now for some close up eye candy……

look at this cool Wisteria Arch in French Knots….. and the delightful cat….

Detail 2 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Detail 4 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

and this elegant Magnolia tree…..

Deail 3 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

This is a very effective use of a simple stitch like Lazy Daisy (Detached Chain Stitch). The same again with the daffodils in this next photo….

Detail 5 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

…..a few more peeks at the garden detail……

Detail 6 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Detail 7 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Just a fantastic design and achieved with a palette of basic stitches skilfully executed  by Sue.

Thanks heaps Sue for sharing your beautiful piece with us and Stewart (Bath) for the photos.

Diana Lampe Inspiration on an Italian Blog

If you follow us on Facebook you know that we recently featured the exquisite embroidery of Elisabetta ricami a mano ( = Elisabeth hand embroideries). Elisa lives in San Bonifacio in the Italian province of Verona and showcases her stunning work on her blog which you can find here.

She also teaches embroidery locally including children’s classes. One of Elisa’s passions is embroidering alphabets (or cifre in Italian) and she recently got her young students to design some letters using Diana Lampe’s books as inspiration. Here are some examples of their work….



Amazing aren’t they? You can see more of these letters or cifre here.

By the way our Facebook page is a public page so you don’t need to join Facebook to follow it. You do need to be a member of Facebook to ‘like’ our page and/or posts and to comment on a post.

When I was researching this post I came across a 2010 interview with Diana Lampe on the ABC and you can find it here

Ciao Ciao


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One Response to For Fans of Diana Lampe

  1. Jillian Bath says:

    Just delightful Sue. I am inspired to complete my own Diana Lampe UFO. Diana’s detailed flowers and greenery are very inspiring. I started mine with Diana in a class at Petit Point in Launceston Tasmania in 1992.