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Detail Butterfly Brazilian embroidery stitched by Elvi McCann

Brazilian embroidery butterfly

Detail of Butterfly Brazilian Embroidery stitched by Elvi McCann

Detail from Fuchsias and Butterfly kit by EdMar

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One Response to Detail Butterfly Brazilian embroidery stitched by Elvi McCann

  1. Gail H says:

    Hi Robin
    Here is the response from Elvi, who is one of our Guild’s Brazilian experts, and who gave me a wealth of information about this piece!

    1. Fuchsias & Butterfly is an EdMar pattern. The design number is #1605. The EdMar website is; http://www.edmar.co.com . I bought it as a complete kit from Nordic Needle in the USA (which has an online store), but have since bought the same kit again locally, however, the store I bought it from has since closed. That is not to say the person could not source it within Australian stores if they want to try the Aussie online stores.

    2. The stitches used were: stem stitch; bullion knots; French knots; couching stitch; pistil stitch; straight stitch; cast-on stitch; satin stitch; knotted lazy daisy stitch; chained bullion stitch and herringbone stitch.

    3. The stitch used for the outer outline of the butterfly’s wing is chained bullion stitch; the stitch used for the inner outline of the wing is stem stitch and, the stitch used to fill the centre of the outer and inner outlines of the butterfly’s wing is herringbone stitch. The pistil stitches within the wings have a small bullion knot at the end rather than a French knot, but either would look fine.

    I think that covers all the stitches I used in the pattern. If the person wanting the details has not had some previous experience with Brazilian embroidery, they would be better off to buy a kit as the kit contains full instructions and diagrams showing the stitches, all the threads with instructions for their use, and the fabric has the pattern printed on it. Much easier to work out what stitch to do where!! It is a beautiful pattern but it is reasonably complicated because of all the different stitched used, and probably better suited to someone with a little experience of Brazilian embroidery.

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