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Flower Detail 2 from Guild Banner

Flower detail 2 from the Guild's banner

Flower detail 2 from the Guild’s Banner

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3 Responses to Flower Detail 2 from Guild Banner

  1. María de Fátima Gomes says:

    Adoro bordar e gostaria, se fosse possível, de ver o passo a passo de seus bordados que são maravilhosos

  2. Robin says:

    J’adore votre broderie
    Si possible , pourriez-vous envoyer video pour voir vos points de broderie
    Merci en avance

    • Gail H says:

      Hello, Robin.
      Thank you for your admiration, however, unfortunately, we do not have any videos of our own showing embroidery techniques. The item you admire was an original design worked by our Guild members many years ago.
      One of our members, Sharon B, has a stitch dictionary on her web site which has step by step instructions for many stitches, at https://pintangle.com/stitch-dictionary/
      If you would rather follow a video, Mary Corbet’s web site is just one that has a number of “how-to” videos that might help. https://www.needlenthread.com/videos
      Good luck!

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