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Wombat cross stitch Irene Burton

Wombat cross stitch by Irene Burton

Wombat cross stitch by Irene Burton

Kit from Semco Innovation

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4 Responses to Wombat cross stitch Irene Burton

  1. Leona Patterson says:

    Several years ago I got the Semco Kit No. 6016-4543 (the wombat). Now I would like to do it, I have the pattern, floss but no sheet showing what color each symbol on the chart refers to.
    Hope someone could send me an email copy of it.


    • Gail H says:

      Leona, I will ask the member whether she might still have the colour legend sheet (I don’t know whether she’s one of those people who neatly files their old patterns, or not!), and will let you know.

  2. Anna Kaherl says:

    I have a special request for a Christmas gift of a cross stitch picture of a wombat. Any chance or ides please.

    • Gail H says:

      Sorry, Anna, for the delay, as obviously we’ve missed (last) Christmas. We have no further information other than it was a Kit from Semco Innovation, and Irene can’t remember anything more about it, other than it was from a long time ago.

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