Pat’s Stumpwork Box : Flowers, Funghi and Insects 2

Are you ready for a second look at Pat’s box. Well here goes…..

She’s so creative that not only did she fill the top of the lid with flowers, fruit and insects, she also decorated each vertical side of the lid!

This time it’s the funghi who are the stars. Pat says that each one is based on a real funghi.

Enjoy the eye candy!

Red Mushroom with White Spots by Pat Bootland


Blue Mushroom from Hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland


tan Mushroom with Beige Dashes by Pat Bootland



Pink Mushroom on Hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland

Cream Mushroom with Green Caterpillar on hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland


Three Copper and Cream Mushroom by Pat Bootland


Three Salmon Mushrooms by Pat Bootland


Two pale green mushrooms by Pat Bootland

An extra treat

I’ve saved something special to finish this post – an awesome stumpwork and goldwork beetle with or nue wings:

Goldwork Beetle by Pat Bootland

This beauty is on an or nue round box designed by Pat that you can see in the Members Gallery.

Take care!

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