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Mini projects for Guild members at home

Here is a mixed offering of links that members might be interested in while working at home.

12 Fun and cute mini embroidery patterns for adults and children. (Website accessed 23/03/2020)

How to embroider details onto felt projects. (Website accessed 23/03/2020)

Teach yourself to crochet granny squares – a free pdf book. Offered via a Bendigo Woollen Mills email. (Website accessed 23/03/2020)

Be Well Mini Bouquet. Jeannette Douglas is a Canadian embroidery designer who has designed this special cross stitch project. Follow the link about halfway down the page to the pdf for the design. Quite tiny but would be lovely on a card if restitched to read “Get well” or left without the wording. (Website accessed 23/03/2020)

An exercise program developed by the University of Bath UK – Exercise Snacking is a set of exercises to do at home when you can’t get to the gym. (Website accessed 23/03/2020)

The School of Stitch UK is offering a free online simple hand stitching ‘course’. You need to sign up for the course but it is free and they give permission to share with others. (Website accessed 23/03/2020) Follow the links to the free course

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