Show and Tell 29 June 2020

Here are our latest photos, and it seems that we may have started a trend in photos of cute pets assisting (or not, as the case may be) with stitching, at least let’s hope so!

Patricia P is working on a lovely fine embroidery kit from Colleen Goy

Cathy M has finished her chicken scratch piece from the internal Guild class earlier this year

Cathy M is now also working on her crewel work piece from a class with Anna Scott

Patricia P is also working on her one from the same Anna Scott class.

Cecelia S is sewing together some squares that had been donated to make a rug.

Catherine M has just started her first piece of ribbon embroidery purchased from the recycle

Elvi McC is working on her piece from the Delma Moore honeyeater class.

Pat B was working on her tweed piece, another project from the Creative Group.

Jillian B has been performing doggy day care duties for a new Toy Cavoodle belonging to her daughter’s family. Jillian decided to weigh him in the Thermomix, and we assume he was removed before it was time to cook dinner! That’s surely an acceptable reason for not showing any stitching.

Sarah K has been able to get to some surface stitching, ably assisted by furry friends Chloe and Clive.

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