Show and Tell 6 July 2020

Members are continuing to enjoy being able to gather in the Real World. Although this week we are continuing the theme of cute pet photos, someone is in the bad books!

Anne D has finished making up a Sashiko quilt. It is called ‘Perseverance’ as there were many challenges that she needed to overcome to get to this amazing result.

Alison A made amazing progress with this lovely lighthouse cross stitch made for
her son. There is a lot of detail in it and being locked down allowed her to really crack on
with it.

Monica A has put aside the work that she was doing and picked up again her lovely
Autumn leaves

Yvonne K is making great progress on her cutwork piece from Christine Bishop’s class, with it all stitched together.

Sarah K got to pick up from the framers some blackwork that her mum, Claire did. It is a lovely souvenir from her trip to London with the pattern purchased while visiting the Royal School of Needlework.

Remember Clive, Sarah K’s newest doggie addition to the family? Well, Clive, although still loved, is in disgrace after destroying Sarah’s Challenge piece from the Guild’s 2018 Exhibition!
… and here is Sarah’s Altoid Tin Challenge piece, pre-Clive’s “help”.

This is why Sarah didn’t do any sewing over the weekend. With her mum visiting with her Cocker Spaniel Paris, Sarah’s lap and hands were rather full! (Editor’s note: clearly Clive is not in THAT much disgrace!)
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