Weekend Wonderfuls 4

Hi everyone

Yesterday I called in to the Guild to catch up with the activities of the Creative and Paper Arts Groups. These two groups have decided to hold their activities on the same day with Creative in the morning and Paper Arts in the afternoon. They’re also co-ordinating the theme for the day and yesterday it was hearts.

You may want to get a long cool drink or a cuppa because this post is a bit of a marathon – there was so much going on. And even with all these photos I still only managed to get about 40 percent of the activity! What I didn’t capture was the laughter, chat, heads together playing with stitches and beads, comparing notes…….these two groups have really worked out how to mix serious technical learning and practice with fun company, lots of conversation and shared experience.

Beaded Stitches

The technique explored by the Creative Group was beaded stitches and the idea was to learn about the technique and then create a beaded heart or use it to embellish some other piece of stitching. By way of background members were encouraged to look at the beaded stitches that Sharon Boggon is featuring on her Pintangle blog.

Annette Dziedzic led the session and shared her knowledge about beaded stitches and had a wide range of books from the library spread out on tables as reference material. Some of the new books were getting people excited about the creative possibilities.

Sharon Boggon added lots of really useful tips and showed the various kinds of tools that were available including some tiny needles.

Then the fun part – looking at what everyone was doing – here’s a selection of photos taken with my iPad. Don’t forget to click on the photos if you want to get a more detailed look.

Sharon Boggon was working on this contemporary piece featuring a textured surface:

 Contemporary Embroidery in Progress by Sharon Boggon

Here’s a closer look:

Closer View of Contemporary Embroidery by Sharon Boggon

I also took a sneak peek at some other pieces that she had on the table:

Crazy Patchwork by Sharon Boggon

….and again a closer look:

Close up of Crazy Patchwork by Sharon Boggon

and look what else was hiding under some fabric – this exquisite contemporary whitework:

Embellished Contemporary Whitework by Sharon Boggon

Dorothy Rudling was stitching away with her usual flair. There were these vibrant beaded  flowers:

Dorothy Rudling Beaded Flowers

and this heart was in progress:

Dorothy Rudling Beaded Flowers with stitched Heart in progress

Christine Bailey was experimenting with stitches and beads on this crazy quilt block:

Crazy Patchwork Square in Progress by Christine Bailey

I thought these panels of flowers in different styles were very effective – what do you think?

Fran Novitski was also adding to her crazy quilt blocks:

Crazy Patchwork Block 1 by Fran Novitski

Crazy Patchwork Block 2 by Fran Novitski

Ditto Pat Bootland:

Crazy Quilt Block 2 by Pat Bootland

Crazy Quilt Block 1 by Pat Bootland

The compositional elements of crazy quilting are quite fascinating and it’s really interesting to see how different individuals balance and emphasise colour, shape and embellishment.

Not far away Jillian Bath was using Beaded Shell Chain Stitch which she’d researched on TAST 97 and 98 the night before. She was using bugle beads and varying the length of stitches to see what effect it had:

Beaded Shell Chain Stitch by Jillian Bath

Beside her Pearl Moysenko was starting these delicate beaded flowers:

Beaded embroidery flowers by Pearl Moysenko

Meanwhile Louise Willey was developing the foundation stitching for a wallhanging that’s going to include heirloom pieces from her family.

Louise Willey - stitched lines foundation for Wallhanging

And Helen Hardie was stitching beaded flowers on sequin waste:

Sequin Waste with Beaded Flowers

Jan Hure was adding a section of embroidery to her piece from a 2013 Creative Group session on entrapment:

Embedded Object Embroidery by Jan Hure

Working out all the objects entrapped between the layers of fabric is quite a challenge!

Jan had brought along some examples of beaded work she’d done to share with everyone. There was this elegant scissorskeep:

Beaded Scissorkeep by Jan Hure

Do you remember that here in October last year there was a post full of eye candy from an etui that Pat Bootland had designed and created? Well Jan has created one too. If you haven’t seen the earlier post an etui is a small ornamental box for holding embroidery tools like needles, thimbles etc.

Here it is all folded up:

Etui by Jan Hure

Here are the four sides:

Side 1 of Etui by Jan Hure

Side 2 of Etui by Jan Hure

Side 3 of Etui by Jan Hure

Side 4 of Etui by Jan Hure

Ande here’s the etui opened out:

Folded out Etui by Jan Hure

Awesome non?

Now to share the love on this very special and beautiful crazy quilt stitched by Annette Dziedzic to celebrate six generations of women in her family:

Family History Photo Quilt in Crazy Patchwork by Annette Dziedzic

Here’s her daughter Anna who has embroidered some of the detail on this block:

Crazy Quilt Block 1 by Annette Dziedzic

This is our Annette at 18:

Crazy Quilt Block 2 by Annette Dziedzic

Annette’s Mum – part of this block is a piece of vintage enbroidery stitched by Olive:

Crazy Quilt Block 3 by Annette Dziedzic

And these are the three older generations of the family – the baby in this photo is Annette’s Mum:

Crazy Quilt Block 5 by Annette Dziedzic

Crazy Quilt Block 4 by Annette Dziedzic

Crazy Quilt Block 6 by Annette Dziedzic

Very moving and a really engaging way to show family history and tell a story.

I could have run away with these two notebooks. This one is a design by Joyce Weeks:

Notebook Cover by Joyce Weeks

and this purple cutie belongs to Pearl Moyseyenko:

Purple Notebook with Beaded Flowers

Paper Arts Group

I stayed just for the beginning of this session when Suzanne Clarke and Patricia Flower were demonstrating how to use scrumbled tissue to create a heart. They’ve also recommended that everyone keep a journal over the year to record their experiences in this group.

Here are a couple of journal pages Suzanne had prepared:

Suzanne Clarke - page from Journal 1

Isn’t that sumptuous beadwork just the business?

Suzanne Clarke - Journal Page 2

And here is Patricia’s colourful start to her journal – it gives a real sense of energy and sparkiness:

Patricia Fowler Journal 1

Patricia Fowler Journal 2

Journal 3 by Patricia Fowler

Journal 4 by Pat Fowler


Looking Over Shoulders 3

Hi there again

The Guild started up for 2014 on Monday. Lots of people still on holidays so numbers were well down but there was some wonderful work in progress. Here’s a sample of what was happening:

Agnes Sciberras was working on this stunning contemporary seascape:

Agnes Sciberras - Contemporary Seascape in Hoop

The scene is from a photo she took down the South Coast of NSW around Narooma. If you want to look in more detail just click on the photo.

And here’s a closer look at the beautiful materials and stitching…

Agnes Sciberras - close-up of South Coast Seascape in Progress

 Ann Lond was meticulously stitching a Hardanger runner in a soft sage colour:

Anne Lond - Green Hardanger Runner in Progress

Here are the edges she was finishing:

Anne Lond - Green Hardanger Runner Edges in Hoop

And here are a couple of the ones she’s already done:

Anne Lond - Finished Edges on Green Hardanger in Progress

Barbara Adams fingers were flying as she progressed these Candlewicking blocks for a quilt:

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Rooster in Progress

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Dog

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Rabbit in Progress

Aren’t they cute?

On the other side of the table Val Woodward was creating this lovely Canvaswork piece in blue and turquoise:

Val Woodward - Blue and Turquoise Canvaswork in Progress

Next to her Pat Bootland was developing the latest of her inspiring Or Nue designs:

Pat Bootland - Or Nue of Man at Window in Progress

Pat is so skilled that she makes it look straightforward – just awesome!

And in her usual spot at the end of this table Ann Small was expertly cross stitching this challenging design:

Anne Small - Country Store x stitch on hoop

At the next table Kathy Pascoe was adding more roses to her vibrant tablecloth:

Kathy Pascoe Purple Tablecloth with Yellow Rose

While Margaret Cooper was creating these delicate Stumpwork elements:

Margaret Cooper  Stumpwork leaves etc in hoop

Meanwhile on the other side of the table the precise geometry of this Canvaswork was emerging from the expert stitching of Margaret O’Beirne:

Margaret OBeirne  Purple Canvaswork in Hoop

Across the way Evelyn Foster was showing us the Contemporary Whitework she’d just finished as part of her online course with Karen Ruane:

Contemporary Whitework by Evelyn Foster

And here’s the other side:

Reverse side of Contemporary Whitework by Evelyn Foster

This is Evelyn’s own design and is just wonderful!

She’d also stitched this needlecase for one of her friends on the table:

Evelyn Foster - Friends by Choice

Not far away a handsome cat was emerging from Joyce Lynch’s cross stitch:

Joyce Lynch - back of x stitch cat

And Helen Nastopoulos was stitching these cool mice:

Glenda Hudson - mice x-stitch

Sitting next to her Ruth Jackson showed us this endearing koala:

Ruth Jackson - x-stitch koala softie

Don’t you think he’s got great personality?

She’d also finished this cheeky cross stitch:

Ruth Jackson - Women and Men Communication x-stitch

and was working on this:

Ruth Jackson - X stitch Alphabet

A bit further around Gail Haidon was embroidering this colourful and softly delicate design:

Gail Haidon Blue and White Wool Embroidery in Progress

Here are these gorgeous blues in more detail:

Gail Haidon - Blue Wool Embroidery close up

Not far away Margaret Lamond was adding flowers to this brilliant piece:

Margaret Lamond - Gold embroidery in progress

At the next table Lesley Fusinato was creating another of her super cute mice – this time a little French mouse:

Lesley Fusinato - French mouse in hoop

Chatting quietly to Lesley was Margaret Roberts who was busy choosing colours for the next section of her contemporary landscape:

Margaret Roberts - Contemporary Landscape

I love the way she’s evoked the sense of part of the scene in sunlight and the rest in shadow – it adds realism to a striking design.

As I was walking out of the room I caught sight of Sue Scorgie with this Diana Lampe design in her hoop so I grabbed my Ipad and took these pics:

Sue Scorgie - Diana Lampe Design in Hoop

I wanted a closer look at the wisteria she was stitching so you get one too:

Sue Scorgie - Close up of Diana Lampe design in hoop


Exhibition of Miss Fisher’s Costumes

For the fans of the sumptuous costumes in the Australian TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries there’s great news. They’ll be on show at Old Government House Parramatta from 1 March to 1 June 2014 – here’s the link to the National Trust’s website. Thanks to Sarah Kimmorley from our evening group for the head’s up.



2014 Workshops

There was a buzz of excitement at the Guild on Monday when the first workshops for 2014 were announced.

Kim Thittichai Workshops in April

Kim is a well-known UK artist, tutor and author from Brighton who teaches creative textile techniques internationally. She has a website and blog here where you get a real sense of the fun, colour and activity in her workshops.

If you like exploring new techniques for creating surface decoration then Kim’s On the Surface workshop on 4 April is for you!

Then in the 5-6 April Workshop you can unleash your design mojo and create original work with Kim in her Creating Original Designs and Printing Blocks

Glenys Leske Workshop on 31 May & 1 June

Glenys is from the Riverland in South Australia and teaches at the SA Guild’s Summer School. Her Path to the Beach Workshop offers the opportunity to create this exquisite work:

Path to Beach

using layered silks and manipulated organza fabrics with applied fence posts and wire mesh fence, hand and machine (optional) embroidered foliage and small shells applied in the fabrics.

Carolyn Sullivan Workshop on 30-31 August

Carolyn is an embroiderer and quilter who enjoys working with fabric and thread to make colourful works where shape and texture are important. She lives in Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW and teaches at the NSW Guild.

Her  Big, Bold and Beautiful………Stitch and More Stitch Workshop explores techniques for building up layers of stitches to create and embellish these textiles:

Carolyn Sullivan Circles

Carolyn Sullivan Paisley

 More Information on Workshops

More information about these workshops can be found in the Classes section of this website including the Classes Enrolment Form.


If you want to enrol in any of these workshops you’ll need to complete a Classes Enrolment Form and get it to the Guild together with a deposit of 50% of the fee for the Workshop.

Annual Exhibition

Don’t forget the Guild’s annual Exhibition opens on Thursday night at 7.30 p.m. and runs through from the 27-29 September. Opening times are 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. each day.

There’ll be a fantastic display of stitching and textiles from the traditional elegance of Hardanger to some very funky contemporary pieces.

The Gift Shop and Recycle Table are going to be awesome! Members have been stitching up a storm so if you’re up for some retail therapy come and join the fun.

There’ll also be plenty of good coffee, sandwiches and cakes……

ACT Textile Art Association Open Night

On another note ACTTAA is having an open night on 9 October at the Woden Senior Citizens Centre. The theme is knitting skills and inspiration.


Italia Invita 2: Competition winners

Before starting this new topic I’d like to go back to the previous Italia Invita post on the Japanese quilt artist Noriko Endo and confetti naturescapes.

Carolyn Foley of the Caro-rose blog commented that Noriko Endo and an Australian quilter, Ruth Bloomfield, began working on confetti quilts at around the same time and independently of each other. She includes a link to a behind the scenes look at Ruth Bloomfield’s work in her comment – go to the comments section of the previous post and check it out if you’re interested in a different approach to this technique.

Now for the competitions at Italia Invita…

Cerchio Internazionale/International Circle Competition

This was a national needlework competition for embroidery, lace or weaving. The requirements were that participants interpret their idea of internationalism in a circle of textile material or woven fibres of different kinds. The work had to be original and not previously exhibited.

There was a very interesting range of entries.  Each work was about the size of a dinner plate.

First prize went to this work called L’albero/The Tree by the group Atelier Merletto di Orvieto.


Circle with tree in Orvieto lace from italia Invita 2013

Orvieto is a small city in Umbria in central Italy and has one of the most dramatic locations in Italy – it sits on top of vertical cliffs that rise up over the surrounding plain. Because its setting made Orvieto a fortress it has rich layers of history – Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance. It’s also part of the very rich needlework history of Umbria.

Merletto is an Italian word for lace. Orvieto lace is a type of crochet lace with strong bas relief (raised) elements in the designs – in this case the tree motif.

The traditional bas relief motifs for this type of lace are based on those on the facade of Orvieto cathedral and include leaves, acanthus, vines, flowers, animals and figures. The bas relief effect is achieved by shaping the motifs with special irons. This must be a risky and difficult process for a beginner!

This competition piece was exquisite. The jury notes comment that it takes traditional needlework and interprets it in a contemporary way relevant to the theme of the competition. They also liked the  refined three dimensional presentation of the tree motif.

The Atelier Merletto di Orvieto had a booth at Italia Invita with beautiful work on display as well as information on their classes. Unfortunately they also had a sign up asking people not to take photos so I can’t show you any other examples of their lace.

Second Prize went to a very different kind of work:


Green circle with smaller circles from Italia Invita 2013

This piece was called ‘Ma che strano questo mondo..’/But how strange is this world… and was by Emanuela Micucci. The jury commended it for the originality of its design and colour composition and the fact that it was a fusion of different techniques.

Third prize also went to a contemporary piece called ‘il sole luminoso, vitale e internazionale’/ the sun – bright, vital and international by Maria Grazia Giacomini.

Orange contemporary lace circle from Italia Invita 2013

The jury highlighted the range of natural and metallic fibres  and weaving techniques used to create a very original work.

There were a couple of other entries in more traditional Italian styles that also caught my eye:

Lace circle with heart from Italia Invita 2013

Colourful embroidery circle from Italia Invita 2013

Thick geometric lace circle on net Italia Invita 2013

Art Quilt Competition

The theme for this national quilt competition was La Quadratura del Cerchio/ Squaring the Circle and here’s the winner of the art quilt section.


Art Quilt of globe from Italia Invita 2013

Free Pattern for heart scissors keep

If  you’re looking for a small project to do over the weekend then head over to Anna Scott’s blog and her post of 3 September. She’s gifting readers a small hearts and flowers design for a scissor keep, Christmas ornament or whatever takes your fancy!

Have a great weekend!