Looking over Shoulders 10

Hi everyone

You may remember this blog post on an Alison Cole Goldwork class held at the Guild in 2013. Here’s the design the class worked on:

Standing Tall goldwork

Standing Tall Goldwork Embroidery completed by Dorothy Brann

Well Pat Bootland has got out her UFO from this class and started stitching again. In her very creative way she’s decided to change the fabric element at the base of the design into a dragon.

And not just any dragon but a gorgeous medieval dragon.

Goldwork in Progress by Pat Bootland

Dragon Detail from Goldwork in Progress by Pat Bootland

Jenny Balderson was stitching away at another element of her large crewel design

Crewel Flower stitched by Jenny Balderson

While Monica Andrew was creating some crazy quilting from her niece’s wedding dress

Crazy Patchwork by Monica Andrew

Detail 1 of Crazy Patchwork stitched by Monica Andrew

Jacinta Nelligan was back in Canberra visiting us – Yay!!!

……and she was working on this striking piece from a class at Central St Martins in London.

Contemporary Embroidery by Jacinta NelliganWhile Sarah Kimmorley was persevering with this Winnie the Pooh cross stitch…….

Winnie the Pooh cross stitched by Sarah Kimmorley

she can’t wait to finish all the white stitching around the outline!

Elvi McCann was appliquéing these too cute hippos

Applique stitched by Elvi McCann

and Yvonne Kingsley was working on this delightful Jenny McWhinney design

Rabbit Stitchery by Yvonne Kingsley

For something quite different Lel Whitbread was smocking some purple stitchy goodness

Smocking by Lel Whitbread

Tracey Kent had just started this delicate iris

Iris Embroidery stitched by Tracey Kent

While Samantha Benda was cross stitching this elegant piece as a wedding present for some friends

Wedding Hands cross stitched by Samantha Benda

You’ve seen this lazy big cat design being stitched by Joyce Lynch in earlier Looking over Shoulders posts. This is where Margaret Kelemen is up to

lazy Cat cross stitched by Margaret Kellemen

And now for some Canvaswork – here’s the piece just finished by Judy Barton Browne

Canvaswork stitched by Judy Barton Browne

Enjoy! and have a great weekend!


Celebrating World Embroidery Day 2014

Hi everyone

Today’s World Embroidery Day – what are you doing to celebrate?

The concept of World Embroidery Day came from the Skane Branch of the Swedish Embroidery Guild (Broderiakademin). You can read more about them here

The Swedish Guild also wrote this inspiring Manifesto to go with World Embroidery Day


Our Guild’s Celebrations

We emailed the Swedish Guild to find out how they celebrate World Embroidery Day and they wrote back saying that they go to cafes and stitch. So hey that’s what we did too!

Here are some of us at the retro and funky Bite to Eat cafe at Chifley this morning.

World Embroidery Day Balloons 2014

World Embroidery Day at Bite to Eat Chifley 2014

Here’s a peek at some of the stitchy goodness going on with all the chat and coffee.

Sandra Pollard was stitching this vintage piece

Detail of Vintage Embroidery stitched by Sandra Pollard

Leonie Hunt was also working on a vintage piece

Vintage Embroidery stitched by Leonie Hunt

and Jillian Farrer was chain stitching this piece with a real pop of colour

Chain Stitch Embroidery stitched by Jillian Farrer

We’re hoping to post some photos from the group who met at the Arboretum cafe on Facebook soon.

One of our members Tracey Kent couldn’t join us for the cafe fun but celebrated the day at her school – how awesome is that!

More Stitchy Goodness 

Now as a bonus to celebrate World Embroidery Day here are some lovely embellished and stitched surfaces.

Monica Andrew has just finished this creative and contemporary cushion featuring entrapped objects and an embellished surface

Entrapped objects cushion by Monica Andrew

Detail 1 of Entrapped Cushion by Monica Andrew

Detail 2 of  Entrapped objects Cushion by Monica Andrew

Detail 3 of Entrapped Objects Cushion by Monica Andrew

For a different kind of embellished embroidery here’s a delicate and too cute elephant softie stitched by Barbara Adams

Elephant Softie stitched by Barbara Adams

Detail 1 of Elephant Softie stitched by Barbara Adams

detail 2 of Elephant Softie stitched by Barbara Adams

Detail 3 of Elephant Softie stitched by Barbara Adams

Detail 4 of Elephant Softie stitched by Barbara Adams

If you’re a fan of Gary Clarke designs you’ll love this elegant entrapped organza piece stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Encased Organza Tulip stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Detail 1 of Encased Organza Tulip stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Detail 2 of Encased Organza Tulip stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Detail 3 of Encased Organza Tulip stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Agnes has also embellished this lovely painted canvas

Embellished Lady stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Detail1 of Embellished Lady stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Detail 2 of Embellished Lady stitched by Agnes Sciberras



Looking over Shoulders 9

Hello everyone

I’ve been at again – looking at members’ work in progress and taking photos. I’m very grateful that people are so patient and understanding and let me share their stitching.

Let’s start with some Hardanger stitched by the very talented

Levona Lea

Blue and White Hardanger by Levona Lea

Detail of Blue and White Hardanger in Progress by Levona Lea

Avis Gesling

Hardanger in Progress by Avis Gesling

Detail of Hardanger in Progress by Avis Gesling

and Shirley Eaton

Hardanger in Progress by Shirley Eaton

Detail 2 of Hardanger in progress by Shirley Eaton

Detail 1 of Hardanger in progress by Shirley EatonMeanwhile Evelyn Foster was showing us the pieces she’s working on from an on line class with Sharon Boggon called Sumptuous Surface Embroidery – she’s loved doing the course

Contemporary Needlework stitched by Evelyn Foster

Green Contemporary Needlewok in Progress stitched by Evelyn Foster

She’s also been working on this Canvaswork leaf

Leaf Canvaswork in Progress stitched by Evelyn Foster

Agnes Sciberras has made a lot of progress with her stunning coastal seascape

Coastal Seascape in Progress stitched by Agnes Sciberras

Detail 1 of Coastal Seascape in progress stitched by Agnes Sciberras

For something very different Jan Hure was working on this complex Hapsburg Lace design

Hapsburg Lace in Progress stitched by Jan Hure

Detail 1 of Hapsburg Lace in Progress stitched by Jan Hure

Detail 2 from Hapsburg Lace in Progress stitched by Jan Hure

While Floriana Basilisco had just finished this piece of Filet lace

Filet Lace stitched by Floriana Basilisco

Detail 1 of Filet Lace stitched by Floriana Basilisco

Andrea Moore was bubbling over about the ribbon embroidery techniques she’d learned on the Guild’s classes taught by Lesley Edwards. Here are the pieces she’d stitched in the class

Pink Ribbon Embroidery stitched by Andrea Moore

Vase of Flowers Ribbon Embroidery stitched by Andrea MooreThere was also some yarn goodness going on with Janice Brennan working on this crochet

Crochet in progress by Janice Brennan

and this scarf

Woollen Scarf knitted by Janice Brennan

while Jenny Clayton was knitting this jumper with a wonderful pop of colour

Jumper in Progress by Jenny Clayton

and just down the corridor Glenda Hudson was really powering on this with this retro jumper design

Jumper in Progress by Glenda Hudson

We also had two special visitors working on these too cute loom bracelets


Tahlyas Box

and Xanthe

Xanthes Treasure Chest



A Path to the Beach

Hi everyone

This post has some awesome eye candy.

From 31 May to 1 June the Guild ran a workshop led by the wonderful Glenys Leske from South Australia.

The aim was to create this delicate and lovely scene called Path to the Beach. It’s a richly layered and textured design.


Over the coming weeks we hope to share some of the finished projects with you. The participants in the workshop have all added their own touch to the design.

We’re going to start today with Pat Bootland’s finished piece. Pat has very generously allowed her work to be photographed before it was framed – you can see the basting around the edges that hold the silk organza to the background  fabrics. This meant that Stewart Bath could photograph the work in all its detail.

Pat’s piece is full of exquisite stitching to create the features of this beachscape.  I love them all but I was especially taken by the simple but effective use of the frayed edges of fabric to evoke the spray of waves as they hit the beach.

Here’s the eye candy:

Walk to the Beach stitched by Pat Bootland

Detail 1 of Walk to the Beach stitched by Pat Bootland

Detail 2 of Walk to the Beach stitched by Pat Bootland

detail 3 of Walk to the Beach stitched by Pat Bootland

Detail 4 of Walk to the beach stitched by Pat Bootland

Detail 5 of Walk to the Beach stitched by Pat Bootland

Detail 6 of Walk to the Beach stitched by Pat Bootland




Looking Over Shoulders 6

Hello everyone

Just in case some of you are feeling withdrawal symptoms because there are no Guild meetings this week here’s a ‘looking over shoulders’ post. These are photos I took with my iPad at the last couple of evening meetings.

Monica Andrew had us all laughing as she declared that she loved to torture fabric aka this biscornu in progress – it’s been needlefelted, embellished and machine embroidered

Red Biscornu in progress by Monica Andrew   Lili Bradley really caught everyone’s attention with this barbed wire made out of twine. She gave it a modern twist  when she arranged it with the crochet hearts she was making ….

Barbed wire  crochet hearts by Lili Bradley

Janet Pearce was also doing crochet – a baby’s shawl

Crochet in progress by Janet Pearce

Elvi McCann was racing to finish this Hardanger music box cover – she’s making it for one of her grandsons to give to his Mum for Mother’s Day.

Hardanger Music Box Lid in progress by Elvi McCann

Next to her Sharon Burrell was stitching this Hardanger angel

Finished Hardanger Angel by Sharon Burrell

When Sharon finished the angel she picked up her cross stitch panel showing a retro day at the races. The panel’s too big to capture in one photo so here it is in segments:

Races x stitch 5 by Sharon BurrellRaces x stitch 4 by Sharon BurrellRaces x stitch 3 by Sharon BurrellRace x stitch 2 by Sharon BurrellRaces X stitch panel 1 by Sharon Burrell

On another table Cathy Fetherston had two pieces on the go……

this Hardanger and Blackwork combo

Hardanger and Blackwork in progress by Cathy Fetherston

and this Blackwork piece

Blackwork in progress by Cathy Fetherston

I was tempted to run away with Cathy’s biscornu pincushion

Blackwork Biscornu stitched by Catherine Fetherston

Meanwhile Kerry Neale was stitching this blackwork leaf….

Blackwork Leaf in progress by Kerry Neale

While next to her Eleni Holloway was creating a cute sheep in the same technique…

Blackwork Sheep in progress by Eleni Holloway

In contrast Susan Douds was embroidering this stitchery with a real pop of colour

Surface stitchery by Suzanne

You’ve seen Pat Bootland’s piper in an earlier Looking over Shoulders so here’s another peep at the progress she’s making

Piper in progress by Pat Bootland

Ditto Jenny Balderson’s crewel work…….here’s the design element she was working on last time

Crewel work in progess 2 by Jenny Balderson

and here’s the bit she’s working on now

crewel work in progress by Jenny Balderson

Robyn Duncan was busy developing a knot garden design for the more advanced Young Stitchers to do

Knot garden in progress by Robyn Duncan

and Hazel Hunt was working away at this lovely surface stitching

Surface stitch in progress by Hazel Hunt

Beside her Jillian Farrer was also stitching a burst of colour

Surface Stitching in progress by Jillian Farrer

Leonie Hunt’s delicate Australian wildflower cross stitch is emerging from her hoop

Wildflower x stitch in progress by Leonie Hunt

Susan Lelbach is learning blackwork and was practising Holbein (or Double Running Stitch) – one of the foundation stitches for Blackwork.

Blackwork in progress by Susan Lelbach

Not too far away Susan Coates was also doing Blackwork

Blackwork in progress by Susan Coates

and so was Sarah Kimmorley

Blackwork Heart in progress by Sarah Kimmorley

After patiently working away at the Diana Lampe design that her Mum had started Rosie Collis was just adding the last couple of stitches!

Diane Lampe design in progress by Rosie



News Update

Hi everyone

A quick newsy post.

We’re Moving on 1 May

Mega news – on 1 May we’re moving from Gorman House to 100 Maitland St in Hackett. There’ll be no Monday morning or evening meetings on 5 May because we’ll still be unpacking. Our first meeting at the new premises will be on 12 May.

As you can imagine this issue has been taking up a huge amount of the Committee’s time and energy for the last nine months. We’ll all breathe a huge sigh of relief when the move happens. Here’s crossing fingers, toes and everything else that it all goes smoothly.

Threads for sale

We’ve been contacted by Belinda Jessup a local textile artist to say that she has some threads for sale on her blog here. Belinda says that all these threads were bought before 1996.

Update of Members Gallery

The following galleries have been updated. The newest photos are at the top of each gallery.

Bags & Purses



Contemporary Creative

Crewel & Surface Stitchery

Cross Stitch

Stumpwork & Textured Stitching


Here’s a trailer of a scissors keep stitched by Marjorie Gilby that’s now on the Crewel and Surface Stitchery Gallery

Bee scissorskeep

Bee Scissorskeep stitched by Marjorie Gilby


Bee Detail from Scissorskeeper stitched by Marjorie Gilby

Free Canvaswork Design

If you love doing Canvaswork you might want to have a look at this free Boxed Heart pattern


which you can download here

Take care


For Downton Abbey Fans

Hello everyone

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Those of you who are fans of Downton Abbey will know that the location used for the series is Highclere Castle in Newbury, West Berkshire.

This historic house also has famous gardens with spectacular beds of perennials and walled gardens. You can see some of the garden’s glory in the gallery on the Highclere Castle website here.

Pat Bootland visited Highclere Castle a few years ago and created a walled garden scene from a composite of two photos. Like all her original pieces it uses an amazing array of stitches densely layered on the fabric to create a sense of profusion and texture. There are also her signature ferns created with needleweaving.

We’ll start with the work in its frame

Walled Garden from Highclere Castle by Pat Bootland

now closer up

Unframed Walled Garden from Highclere Castle by Pat Bootland

The view through the arch – the lawn was created by using very small straight stitches. Pat laid down the straight stitches in one colour green and then repeated the process in four other greens until the whole lawn area was covered and blended.

Archway with Cat from Clereview Castle by Pat Bootland

the wonderful espaliered plum tree with its bullion leaves and padded stem stitch branches. The brickwork of the wall has been created using canvaswork stitches in a range of colours.

Espaliered Fruit Tree from Walled Garden at Clereview Castle by Pat Bootland

and here’s the beading which is so totally cool

Close up of espaliered fruit tree from Walled Garden at Highclere House by Pat Bootland

then there’s this adorable puss

Cat from Walled Garden at Highclere Castle by Pat Bootland

He was based on her daughter’s cat. Pat wanted to show its dark striped coat so that it had definition and presence but without being overpowering. The plant next to it was embroidered by first doing very long straight stitches and then wrapping them in blended threads.

Finally these cute hedgehogs and delicately woven ferns

Hedgehog detail from Walled Garden with Cat by Pat Bootland

Watching Pat at work is an amazing experience. She usually has a rough drawing of what she wants to do but no detailed plan. She starts and decides how she’ll do a particular bit. Then when that’s finished she’ll work out the colours and stitches for the next section and so on. It’s a very open and fluid creative process……and fast, very fast. She flies through pieces while chatting away and telling very funny stories.

We’re trying to persuade her that doing some You Tube videos on her needlewoven ferns would be an awesome idea.

Take care





News Update

Just a quick note to say I’ve updated the following galleries. The new work is at the top of the each gallery:

Bags and Purses





Contemporary Embroidery

Crewel and Surface Stitchery

Cross Stitch






A Sense of Place

Hi again

In this post I’m going to share another work by Caroll Pichelmann. Caroll is a longstanding member of the Guild and a gifted textile artist. I’ve had some long conversations with her recently while arranging for her work to be photographed for the Members Gallery.

Lyn’s Postcard

This story starts with a postcard that Lyn Baldwin (another member of the Guild) stitched and sent to Caroll. Lyn draws with thread and fabric and her postcard featured some sandpipers. Here’s a fragment of it

Sandpipers on Blue Book Cover by Caroll Pichelmann

Caroll is highly creative and very focussed on the potential of materials for making art. Textile art isn’t static for her and she can see future stories and purpose in anything she makes. She constantly recycles pieces and they evolve over time.

She also has a very strong sense of place and how it can be evoked in fibre and yarn.

So when she received Lyn’s postcard she didn’t put it away or on a wall or somewhere safe. She sent it on a journey.

Textured Seascape

In the postcard’s next life the sand pipers have found a context and a sense of place in this textured seascape that was in the Guild’s 2013 Annual  Exhibition.

Contemporary Textured Seascape

Contemporary Textured Seascape by Carroll Pichelmann

Detail of Textured Seascape

Detail of Textured Seascape by Carroll Pichelmann

Diary Cover

Then Caroll decided to look more closely at these shorebirds and their habitat along the shoreline – especially the inter-tidal zone where they feed.

So she deconstructed the seascape and out of this morphed a diary cover that evokes all the rich detail of life in that zone.

It’s worked in wool in many forms and with a relatively restrained palette of stitches – darning, couching, Tunisian crochet, french knots, chain stitch, fly stitch, buttonhole stitch, back stitch, some needleweaving. But the main story is the wool – the variety of yarns, fibres, colours all put to awesome use in freeform stitching.

Here’s the diary opened out

Blue Diary Cover 3 by Caroll Pichelmann

And here are the covers and then detailed close-ups of the surface textile. I’ll leave you to enjoy the richness of the detail

Blue Diary Cover 1 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 4 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 2 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 8 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 9 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 10 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 15 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 7 by Carroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 16 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 17 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 18 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 11 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 12 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 13 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 14 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 21 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 20 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 6 by Caroll Pichelmann

Blue Diary Cover 5 by Caroll Pichelmann

I feel like I’ve been looking into rock pools and under rocks and beach combing along the shoreline when I explore this piece.

Did I mention that Caroll is also the most generous of people? So where are the sandpipers now? Back with Lyn of course and on the cover of her annual diary.

Caroll’s creative process where all the textiles are forming and reforming into new stories and surfaces reminds me of Jude Hill. You can see her work on her Spirit Cloth blog here

Have a great weekend


Looking Over Shoulders 5


Hello again everyone

I’ve been busy with my iPad over the last couple of weeks taking pics as I look over people’s shoulders at the Monday morning and evening meetings.

To the members of the Guild thanks so much for sharing your work and being so patient with me as I whisk away your work to take a pic.

This post comes with its own warning – it’s a mega post just in case you need to get a cup of coffee or tea…….

Here goes……

Irene Burton is incredibly fast at finishing work – look what she’s done in the last couple of weeks:

Granny Square

Granny Square crocheted by Irene Burton

Blue Crochet Bag by Irene Burton

Ballroom Dancers x-stitched by Irene Burton

I love the sparkly bits on the dancer’s dress – they add something special. What do you think?

We had two special visitors on Monday

Margaret Kilby from Ottawa is working on this lovely field of red poppies:

Red Poppy in Progress x-stitched by Margaret Kilby

and Dee Glenn from the USA on this elegant quilt:

Quilt in Progress by Dee Glenn

While we’re talking about quilts here’s where Dorothy Rudland is up to with her butterfly quilt:

Butterfly Quilt in Progress by Dorothy Rudland

Detail of Butterfly Quilt in Progress by Dorothy Rudling

and Lee Scott  is finishing the crazy quilt block she started on her recent stitching cruise around New Zealand:

Crazy Quilt Block by Lee Scott

You’ve seen this crazy quilt block that Fran Novitski has been working on in previous posts so here it is finished and very cleverly turned into a folder cover:

Crazy Quilt Folder by Fran Novitski

Julie Knight who is just the most creative person across a range of media was showing us the pieces she’d entered into the Canberra Show last month. Just look at this awesome baby doll – don’t you just want to pick her up and give her a big cuddle?

Baby Doll by Julie Knight

Her other pieces were this baby’s outfit

Baby Dress by Julie Knight

and this silk ribbon embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery in frame by Julie Knight

Shona Phillips has also been adding some ribbon embroidery to this retro design:

Lady with Roses Silk Flowers in Progress by Shona Phillips

while Pat Bootland is stitching away on a new piece inspired by a Sydney Long painting in the National Gallery of Australia.

Woman Piper by Pat Bootland

Floriana Basilisco finished this embroidery for a cushion

Surface Embroidery in progress by Floriana Basilisco

This piece is a bit deceptive because the painted green background suggests you’re looking at appliqué when in fact it’s surface stitching.

Floriana’s now started on this filet inspired by similar pieces she saw on her last trip back to Italy

Filet in Progress by Floriana Basilisco

Near her Catharina Koopman was working on this cross stitch

Sogno in Progress x-stitched by Catharina Koopman

Gail Haidon was working away at this stunning piece of wool embroidery that you’ve seen in an earlier post

Wool Embroidery by Gail Haidon

and Lesley Fusinato has started another block of her super cute French mouse Monet quilt

Monet Mouse Quilt Block by Lesley Fusinato

Jan Senti has finished her too cute bear stitched with mingled threads to give a ‘tweed’ effect

Teddy Bear x-stitched by Jan Senti

and now she’s onto Sashiko

Sashiko in Progress by Jan Senti

On Monday night Sarah Kimmorley was painstakingly counting threads for the tassels on a baby blanket

Preparing Tassels by Sarah Kimmorley

While Jenny Balderson was adding the finishing touches to her Stitch of the Month book cover

Stitch of the Month Sampler in Progress by Jenny Balderson

Now if you love Hardanger and drawn thread work here’s some eye candy for you that various members are working on

Lesley Jemeson

Hardanger in Progress by Lesley Jemesen

Germaine Esther

Hardanger in Progress by Germaine Esther

Nan Horne’s Ukrainian work

Ukrainian Embroidery in Progress by Nan Horne

Here’s a corner of a large Hardanger tablecloth that Brenda Phillips is making as a raffle prize for a special birthday of the Yass Country Women’s Association – we all want to win it!

Hardanger Tablecloth Corner by Brenda Phillips

Mmm I have to apologise to the owner of this Hardanger piece in progress as I can’t read my scrawled notes – so if you recognise it please let me know and I’ll add your name

Blue and Cream Hardanger by

For something completely different check out the progress that Sharon Boggon has made on her contemporary piece

Contemporary Embroidery in Progress by Sharon Boggon

and Agnes Sciberras on her very evocative seascape

Contemporary Seascape by Agnes Scibberas

Margaret Roberts is almost finished her Australian landscape and is looking for feedback and ideas on whether she should put something at the foot of the tree – so your comments would be very welcome…

Landscape in Progress by Jenny

For the history buffs among you here’s the Millennium Sampler being worked on by Jan Prowse

The Milennium Sampler in Progress by Jan Prowse

Detail of Milennium Sampler by

while Patricia has started this panel of the Bayeux Tapestry and was showing me her Bayeux Stitch

Edward the Confessor Panel from Bayeux Tapestry by

Detail 2 of Bayeux Tapestry Panel in Progress by

If you’re a fan of Diana Lampe’s designs then you’re in luck because two members are working away on very similar pieces. In the morning group Janice Brennan was finishing this design

Diana Lampe Embroidery in Progress by Janice Brennan

and in the evening group Rosie Collis is just about finished this

Diana Lampe Embroidery in Progress by Rosie Collis

There’s also lots of cross stitch going on

Ruth Jackson

Geometric Square x-stitched by Ruth Jackson

Delma Burgdorf

Coffee Cups x-stitched by Delma Burgdorf

Barbara Bailey 

Cottage in progress x-stitched by Barbara Bailey

Anne Small 

X-stitch in progress by Anne Small

and Samantha Benda

Bouquet of Flowers x-stitched by Samantha Benda

Threadpainting always generates a lot of interest at our annual exhibition and on the Members Gallery so here’s a lovely violet by Ros Stanford

Violet Threadpainting by Rosa Stanford

There’s the same kind of delicacy but a very different technique in these Stumpwork elements that Margaret Cooper is working on

Stumpwork in Progress by Margaret Cooper

Evelyn Foster is working on this winsome Trish Burr miniature

Trish Burr Miniature in rogress by Evelyn Foster

While Mary Doherty is almost finished a block for our Sunbonnet Sue quilt

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Block by Mary Donohue

For a pop of colour have a look at these pieces by Jan Hure

by Jan Hure

Polly Templeton 

Canvaswork in Progress by Polly Templeton

and Diana Churchill

Surface Embroidery in Progress by Diana Churchill

Surface Embroidery in Progress 2 by Diana Churchill

We’re going to end on a Christmassy note with this stocking being stitched by Carol Van Gelder

Xmas Stocking in Progress by

and Glenda Hudson’s fun button Christmas Tree from the Creative Group workshop

Button Xmas Tree by Glenda Hudson