Weekend Wonderfuls 9

Hi everyone

On 8 February the Young Stitchers had their first meeting of the year and we’re going to share what they’ve been up to.

There was all the same stitchy energy, chat and enthusiasm. It was great to see the progress being made. The older participants are now tackling more challenging embroidery patterns and some are collecting serious gear……..what’s not to love about the sewing baskets??!

Here’s the eye candy….

Lara’s Rowandean kit called Rutland Water

Lara Rowandean Kit 1 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 3 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 2 Feb 2015

Ella’s Project that includes smocking

Ella Stitching 3 Feb 2015

Ellas Stitching 1 Feb 2015

Ella Stitching 2 Feb 2015

Sophie’s Longstitch project

Sophie Longstitch Feb 2015Georgia’s Owl

Georgias Owl 1 Feb 2015

Georgias Owl 2 Feb 2015

Claire’s embroidery

Claire Stitching Feb 2015

Koki starting her new piece

Koki Stitching Feb 2015

Madeline’s Crazy Cat

Madelines Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Angela’s Crazy Cat

Angelas Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Kimberley’s heart

Kimberleys Heart Feb 2015

Ella’s Owl

Ella Owl Feb 2015

Zara’s Bird

Zara Bird Feb 2015

Elanor’s Panda

Elanor Panda Feb 2015

Elanor Panda 2 Feb 2015Emma’s penguin

Emma Penguin Feb 2015

Cecilia’s projects

Cecilias racoon Feb 2015

Cecilias Stitching Feb 2015

Isn’t it all A-W-E-S-O-M-E?



Weekend Wonderfuls 8

Hi everyone

This post is all about the wonderful Young Stitchers who got together again last Sunday afternoon.

It was awesome – there was lots of energy, giggling, spontaneous Christmas Carol singing and as always A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stitching. Even better lots of the Mums and Dads stayed to join in the fun.

First up we had the very important task of finding a new tail for Christine H‘s too cute felt mouse.

Felt Mouse by Christine H

Then Christine started on her Christmas Ball ornament and almost had it finished by the end of the session

Xmas Ball Ornament in progress by Christine H

Here’s a peek at all the other stitchy and Christmassy goodness.

Adele H‘s Christmas Bird Ornament

White Xmas Bird Ornament by Adele H

Asha S‘s Huckabuck Sampler

Huckabuck Sampler by Asha S

Angela C‘s crazy cat stitchery in progress

Stitchery in progress by Angela C

and Claire H‘s which is a bit further along

Cat Stitchery in progress by Claire H

Maggie M‘s appliqué owl at the start of the session

Applique Owl in progress by Maggie M

and finished

Owl Applique stitched by Maggie M

Kathryn A was working away at a cross stitch grevillea and doing a beautiful job

Australian Native Flower x-stitch in progress by Kathryn A

Chevonne‘s cool Christmas card

Xmas Card by Chevonne

Freia H‘s bright Christmas Stocking ornament

Green Xmas Stocking Ornament by Freia H

Zara H‘s purple pop of colour Christmas Stocking ornament

Purple Xmas Stocking Ornament by Zara H

Lila E was just starting her Christmas Stocking Ornament

White Xmas Stocking in progress by Lila E

Angela R‘s super Christmas Tree ornament

Xmas Tree Ornament by Angela R

and Anna M‘s lovely Christmas Bird ornament

Yellow Xmas Bird Ornament by Anna M

The other highlight of the afternoon was a fantastic afternoon tea that covered three tables! I snuck in some photos before the cakes were cut but the pics don’t do it justice!

YS -afternoon tea 1

YS Afternoon tea 2

YS Afternoon Tea 3

Elvi’s choc cake with festive decorations was a huge hit!

YS - Elvis Xmas Choc Cake