Janet’s Beautiful Blackwork Wedding Sampler

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Today I thought I’d show you a beautiful blackwork Wedding Sampler that Janet Pearce designed as a ring cushion for her daughter’s wedding in London.

It turns out that making ring cushions for her children’s weddings is something of a tradition in the Pearce family. Here are two early ones she made – the photos have been scanned from photocopies so please excuse the quality.

Jane’s Wedding Cushion

The first one was done in 2000 for her daughter Jane’s wedding and features delicate blackwork with some exquisite needle lace inserts:

Blackwork Ring Cushion

Janet Pearce Blackwork Ring Cushion

Michael’s Wedding Cushion

The second cushion was done for her son Michael’s wedding in London in 2011. He had a special request – he wanted the church incorporated into the design. So Janet designed and stitched this detail into the cushion:

Janet Pearce - Hedge End Wedding Sampler

Kathryn’s Wedding Cushion

The third cushion was stitched for her daughter Kathryn’s wedding in London in 2012 – and this was a biiiiig design challenge. The brief from her daughter was for a cushion that incorporated the London skyline (Kathryn nominated the buildings she wanted included) and some cats!

This cushion was in two parts – one side was a traditional heart design:

Janet Pearce - Wedding sampler with 4 hearts

Here it is in more detail:

Janet Pearce - Top half of wedding sampler

Janet Pearce - KLP Corner of Wedding Sampler

Janet Pearce - TJT Corner of Weddng Sampler

Janet Pearce - bottom left hand corner of Wedding sampler

Janet Pearce - Bottom right hand corner of Wedding Sampler


London Skyline

The other side features the names of the bride and groom and the London skyline design. Janet says that this turned out to be a huge challenge because she couldn’t find any patterns or designs available commercially. She spent days on the internet looking for ideas and possible suppliers – with no luck.

So she asked her architect husband if he could  draw a London skyline that included the buildings their daughter wanted. He rolled up his sleeves and came up with some architectural drawings that Janet then had to interpret into stitch. She also had to somehow include some cats into these buildings.

Look what she came up with:

Janet Pearce - London skyline with cats

Isn’t it just beyond awesome and clever!!! It just makes you smile!………and there are some delightful details in the design that create both a story and a piece of embroidery to be treasured:

Janet Pearce - Big Ben detail of Wedding Sampler

Big Ben shows the time that the wedding service started.

Janet Pearce - Tomkats in the London Eye

The bridegroom’s name was Tom and the bride’s Kat so Janet took her inspiration for this very fun and quirky element of the design from vintage storybooks and cartoons that show ‘tomcats’ on the night skyline. Just too cute.

She also decided to finish the design with running stitch along the bottom to suggest the river Thames and this gives the picture an extra dimensionality.

A quick tip

The London skyline design element had to fit into 80 x 30 threads on 25 count Lugano. It was stitched over one thread. Janet found that even a single strand of DMC cotton was too thick for certain parts of the design such as the dome of St Paul’s and the small circles on the London Eye. She then tried silk threads but these also had problems. In the end she used sewing machine thread and found this did the job.

Here’s a last tiny detail:

Janet Pearce - Flower detail of Wedding Sampler

After the wedding the cushion was converted into a sampler and framed and it’s just beautiful. It’s a wonderful example of how embroidery can create wonderful memories and a treasured heirloom but also have such verve and flair.

Janet this is so clever and technically skilled – well done

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News Flash

Hi everyone

We have some news updates!

Butterfly Detail from Lorna’s Wren Stumpwork

After the last post there were a few requests for a closer view of the butterfly in Lorna’s Wren stumpwork. We aim to please so here’s the butterfly:

Lorna Loveland - Stumpwork Butterfly

New Galleries 

As you probably noticed the Members Gallery grew and grew and became unwieldy so Sharon B has created a whole series of new sub-galleries.

This presents a different challenge – how do you know if new photos have been uploaded without having to check every gallery? Well for the moment we’re going to list the new additions in special posts.

Some work includes a range of techniques and is shown in more than one gallery. Where this happens we’ll try to remember to flag it in our listing.

So here we go:

Beadwork – work by Glenda Hudson, Lesley Fusinato & Jenny Naughton

Crewel & Surface Stitchery – work by Diana Churchill, Anne Eccleston, Lesley Fusinato & Elvi McCann

Cross Stitch – work by Trish Hyland, Jenny Naughton & Luba Tomaska

Dolls & Softies – work by Irene Burton

Goldwork – work by Jenny Naughton

Hardanger – work by Marion Hendy & Elvi McCann

Quilts & Wallhangings – work by Lesley Fusinato

Seasonal Items – work by Glenda Hudson (same piece as in Beadwork gallery) & Lesley Fusinato

Stumpwork & Textured Stitching – work by Lesley Fusinato (same piece as in Beadwork gallery)

Vintage – work by Tina Korda

Hope this helps! If you have any ideas for how to handle this a different way just leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you.

2014 Challenge

Every second year the Guild holds a stitching Challenge.

Next year the commemorations of WWI begin and go through to 2018. The theme for the 2014 Challenge is Stitching Love and Hope.

How’s that for a teaser? Members will know more detail as soon as they purchase their envelopes……..and there’ll be an update in a blog post as soon as we know more!!!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!