Wonderful Viewers’ Choice Awards from the 2014 Annual Exhibition

Hello again

I hope you’re having a good week. This is a quick post to share some photos from the Viewers’ Choice Awards at the Exhibition.

Stitching Love & Hope Creative Challenge – Viewers’ Choice

The Viewers’ Choice for the Stitching Love and Hope Creative Challenge was won by this lovely and evocative postcard of a field of poppies by Monica Andrew….

2014 Creative Challenge Postcard by Monica Andrew

It really brought back memories of seeing fields of Flanders poppies in France.

Here’s a delighted Monica receiving her prize from our President Fran Novitski…

Monica Andrews receiving Viewers Choice Award for her 2014 Challenge postcard

Congratulations Monica!

General Exhibition – Viewers’ Choice Award

The Viewers’ Choice in the General Exhibition was the stunning Japanese Embroidery Bouquet from the Heart of Japan stitched by Irene Burton which was blogged here

Bouquet from the Heart of Japan stitched by Irene Burton

and here’s Irene with Fran Novitski and Sarah Kimmorley (our awesome and super calm Exhibition organiser) receiving her prize

Irene Burton receiving 2014 Viewers Choice Award

Congratulations Irene!

Given that we’ve previously featured Irene’s winning entry in a blog post I thought we’d share another exquisite entry from her – a Marie Antoinette doll.

Irene’s Marie Antoinette Doll

This doll has to be seen in real life to appreciate the extraordinary detail and flair of this costume, hat, hair, shoes, bling etc…

Marie Antoinette Doll by Irene Burton

and here’s the back…

Back of Marie Antoinette Doll by Irene Burton

Irene also showed us the layers under the outer dress…

Layer 1

Layer 1 of Marie Antoinette Doll by Irene Burton

Layer 2

Layer 2 of Marie Antoinette Doll by Irene Burton

and here’s what Irene has to say about making this doll…

Everything is crocheted -the pantaloons, the underskirt, the dress and the hat. The satin bodice is
not part of the costume. I made it so that she wasn’t photographed topless in her pantaloons and underskirt! The pattern is a reproduction of a 1775 French Court Dress, designed in miniature by Sandra Peach of Paradise Dolls. Sandra even includes instructions for the hairstyle. It took many, many months for me to find all the embellishments – on the internet, at craft shows and op shops, and from friends’ stashes. As you can imagine, there is more to the costume than just crochet. You need to be hairdresser, jewellery maker, dressmaker, embroiderer and improviser. I have already started crocheting the next Crochet Collector Costume by Sandra Peach. I think her designs are top class.”

I don’t know about you but I’m in awe of Irene’s level of talent and I can’t wait to see the next costumed doll she produces!

Don’t forget if you want to enlarge the photos of the doll just click on them and then click on the zoom icon that comes up

Bye for now!


News Update

Hi everyone

A quick note to say I’ve updated the following Members Galleries:

Bags & Purses 



Crewel & Surface Stitchery

Cross Stitch


Japanese Techniques

Silk Ribbon

Stumpwork & Textured Stitching

Here’s a tiny taster of the photos I’ve added.

Detail of Dragonfly Needlecase stitched by Marjorie Gilby

Embroidered Bag

Detail 4 of Embroidered Cream Bag stitched by Marjorie Gilb


Hardanger Table Runner stitched by Meryl Fellows


Guild’s Stumpwork Sample


Detail from Canvaswork Cushion with Blue Hen stitched by Bill Thorn

Detail of Bargello Cushion  stitched by Bill Thorn

Detail of Bargello Cushion stitched by Bill Thorn

Detail 5 of Camel Rug stitched by Yvonne Kingsley

Crewel embroidery stool

Detail of Crewel Stool stitched by Marjorie Gilby

Hope you enjoy the pics and have a great weekend!


A Japanese Treasure

Hello again

This post has a lovely story.

Keiko’s Obi

One of our members Irene Burton has a treasured Japanese friend Keiko. Last September Irene received a surprise gift from Keiko – a Japanese obi. This is a long wide sash which is traditionally used to secure a kimono around the waist.

Here’s what Keiko wrote about this particular obi:

” This obi was made about 100 years ago. This is what my grandmother used, then my mother used, after that I used (only once). The 30 years, this was sleeping in the chest……………Please refer to the old Japan embroidery. This obi with floral patterns, an iris, a pink, a bellflower, a paulownia flower, a mallow and a ripple of sea…..”

Then Stewart Bath took on the challenge of photographing it. He had great difficulty getting a photo of the obi as a whole because it’s so long that it requires special equipment to fold and hang – something he hasn’t got. But he had a go and here it is:

Keikos Obi

And here’s a close look at the embroidery that Keiko mentions:

Detail 1 of Keikos Obi

Detail 2 of Keikos Obi

Detail 3 of Keikos Obi

Detail 4 of Keikos Obi

Detail 6 of Keikos ObiDetail 7 of Keikos Obi Detail 8 of Keikos Obi

Detail 9 from Keikos Obi

Detail 10 from Keikos Obi

Detail 11 of Keikos Obi

Detail 12 from Keikos Obi

Did you enjoy looking at the obi?

Well here’s another treat…..

Japanese Embroidery from Italia Invita 2013

At Italia Invita there was a stand displaying some stunning Japanese embroidery. I took a couple of photos and thought you might also like to see them:

Japanese Embroidery from Italia Invita

Japanese Embroidery from Italia Invita 3

Japanese Embroidery from Italia Invita 2

Irene – thank you for sharing with us the story of your friendship with Keiko and her awesome gift of the obi. It’s very special.

Keikosan – arigato (thanks) and a deep bow.