Looking over Shoulders 11

Hi everyone

Hope you’ve had a good week & have set aside some special time for yourself over the weekend.

Next Monday the Guild’s weekly meetings will start up again so I thought you might like to see the pics I took of people’s work during the last morning meeting for 2014. Believe it or not this is only  a sample of all the stitchy goodness that was going on. The photos were taken with my phone so they’re not up to Stewart Bath’s wonderful standard but hopefully they’ll be good enough to give you an idea of the work.

I’m going to share the work with in the order that I took the photos.

This is an epic post so grab a cuppa or glass of wine and a comfy chair…….and here we go………

In the front room Ann Lond was working on this Hardanger cream square

Hardanger Cream Square in progress stitched by Anne Lond

Maddalena Gustin is trying her hand at Hardanger under Bonnie Crawford‘s careful guidance. Here’s the piece she was working on

Hardanger Diamond in progress stitched by Magda Gustin

Bonnie herself was working on this cream and blue rectangular piece

Hardanger Blue and White Runner stitched by Bonnie Crawford

Avis Gesling’s Hardanger had a pop of colour in aqua and mauve

Hardanger Acqua and Mauve Piece in progress stitched by Avis Gesling

Detail 1 of Hardanger Acqua and Mauve Piece in Progress stitched by Avis Gesling

While Elizabeth Hooper was having fun stitching some purple hearts

Hardanger Purple Heart Piece in progress stitched by Elizabeth Hooper

Detail 1 of Hardnager Purple Heart Piece in Progress stitched by Elizabeth Hooper

Now something completely different – a Goldwork dragon being stitched by Pat Bootland 

Dragon Goldwork in Progress by Pat Bootland

Detail 1 of Dragon Goldwork by Pat Bootland

Across the table Carol Van Gelder was having fun working on this too cute wool blanket with monkeys

Wool Blanket with Monkeys in progress stitched by Carol Van GelderNear her Lesley Fusinato was finishing this Canvaswork Christmassy house

Canvaswork Xmas House in Progress stitched by Lesley Fusinato

and Floriana Basilisco‘s tapestry was also getting some finishing touches

Tapestry Fish in Progress by Floriana Basilisco

Lesley Jemesen had a lovely Hardanger runner in her hoop

Hardanger in Hoop stitched by Lesley Jemesen

While Evelyn Foster was stitching a vintage embroidery

Vintage Embroidery in Progress stitched by Evelyn Fosterand Helen Nastopoulos had a cross stitch underway

Cross Stitch in Progress stiched by Helen Nastopoulos

In the room down the corridor Margaret Cooper was working on this piece

Cross Stitch Horse in Progress stitched by Margaret CooperKathy Pascoe had a bright Janlynn wallhanging underway

Blue Cross Stitch Wallhanging in Progress stitched by Kathy Pascoe

and Gwynyth Peddey had made amazing progress with Harlech Castle since we last saw it

Harlech Castle Cross Stitch in Progress by Gwynyth Peddey

Margaret O’Beirne was working on an intriguing Macedonian style embroidery from a class with Alison Snepp

Macedonian Style Embroidery in Progress stitched by Margaret OBeirne

While Gail Haidon was cross stitching these fun owls that just make you smile

Cross Stitch Owls in Progress by Gail Haidon

and Jan Hure was working on a very different kind of bird – a gorgeous Or Nue Superb Parrot from last year’s class with Pat Bootland

Or Nue Superb Parrot in Progress by Jan Hure

 Libby Williams was hand stitching this quilt with appliqué in felted wool

Quilt with Applique in Progress by Libby Williams

Detail of Applique from Quilt by Libby Williams

Back in the front room Janice Brennan was crocheting

Crochet by Janice Brennan

Janice also showed us a cool granny blanket she’d made during Show & Tell which got a huge response to its awesomeness. This detail doesn’t do it justice but at least it gives you an idea of its beauty

Detail of Crochet Rug by Janice Brennan

Trish Hyland was stitching some elegant Hardanger

Hardanger Diamond in Progress stitched by Trish Hyland This Happiness Quilt by Anne Dowling got lots of oohs and aaahs at Show & Tell

Happiness Quilt made by Anne Dowling

Cecilia Skene was upcycling curtain fabric to create these awesome needlecases for her granddaughters

Needlecase in Progress by Cecilia Skene

Needlecase 2 in Progress by Cecilia Skene

Needlecase 3 in Progress by Cecilia Skene

Needlecases 4 in Progress by Cecilia Skeneand adding a scissors fob for each one

Scissors Fob by Cecilia Skene

This Canvaswork by Judy Barton Browne has a real pop of colour

Canvaswork stitched by Judy Barton Browne

Detail 1 of Canvaswork by Judy Barton Browne

Another vibrant piece was this Book Cover designed by Luba Tomaska. Luba’s doing the Stitch a Month classes and this is her sampler of stitches in progress.

Sampler Book Cover in Progress by Luba Tomaska And last but not least is this amazing Or Nue Zebra design being stitched by Lorna Loveland also from the class with Pat Bootland

Or Nue Zebra in Progess by Lorna Loveland

Detail 1 of Or Nue Zebra in Progress by Lorna Loveland

Would you believe it’s her first Or Nue embroidery!



News Update

Just a quick note to say I’ve updated the following galleries. The new work is at the top of the each gallery:

Bags and Purses





Contemporary Embroidery

Crewel and Surface Stitchery

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This and That

Hi everyone

We’re going to cover a bit of ground in this post.

Update of Members Gallery

Over the next 24 hours I’ll be updating the following galleries:

Bags & Purses

Contemporary Creative

Crewel and Surface Stitchery


Landscape & Scenes

Quilts & Wallhangings

To help you find the new work quickly I’ve reversed the order of the photographs so that the latest additions are at the top of each gallery.

 Game of Thrones

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If the answer is ‘No’ and you haven’t watched this TV series then it’s a fantasy drama based on the novels of George R.R. Martin.

If you answered ‘Yes’ then you’ll know it has sumptuous costumes and some include quite extraordinary embroidery. This adds a decorative effect but is also closely integrated into the story and evolution of certain characters. The embroidery has been stitched by Michele Carragher – although the word ‘stitched’ seems woefully inadequate in the face of her artistry. On her website she explains how the embroidery reflects the narrative of a character’s life and showcases an extensive gallery of her work. It’s really worth a look!

Here’s an example from Cersei’s wedding dress:


This photo comes from Michele Carragher’s website and the copyright for it belongs to her.

A Couple of Wonderful Works from Pat Bootland 

Here’s some Goldwork and Or Nue eye candy from Pat. It’s her own design:

Goldwork and Or Nue Snowy Owl and Rabbit by Pat Bootland 2

(this photograph is by Andrew Sikorski – Art Atelier)

And a close-up of the gorgeous Snowy Owl:

Detail of Snowy Owl in Goldwork and Or Nue Work by Pat Bootland

(Detail from photograph by Andrew Sikorski – Art Atelier)

Not to mention this super cute rabbit:

Detail of Rabbit from Goldwork and Or Nue Snowy Owl and Rabbit by Pat Bootland

(Detail from photograph by Stewart Bath)

Another of her works is this elaborate 3D embroidery of Fountain Abbey:

Fountain Abbey by Pat Bootland 2

(this photograph by Andrew Sikorski – Art Atelier)

This piece has a lovely story as this Abbey is in Yorkshire close to where Pat’s Mum lived.

A Vintage Gem

For something very different here’s a vintage tea cosy from the collection of Jillian Bath. It’s a family heirloom. Aren’t the saturated colours fantastic? And the butterfly has a real pop!

Vintage Tea Cosy from the Collection of Jillian Bath

Detail 1 of Vintage Tea Cosy in the Collection of Jillian Bath

Detail 2 from Vintage Tea Cosy in the Collection of Jillian Bath

Detail 3 from Vintage Tea Cosy in the Collection of Jillian Bath

Detail 4 from Vintage Tea Cosy from the Collecton of Jillian Bath

Heartfelt  Quote

A favourite blog is Susan Elliott’s Plays with Needles. She’s a member of the Costellation Chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America in Maryland. If you’re not familiar with Susan’s work she does awesome stumpwork and exquisite crazy quilts. Her best known work is probably a marvellous piece called Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a stumpwork Audrey Hepburn as the Holly Golightly character.

She recently wrote a very expressive post about the experience of participating in a Challenge at her Guild:

Beauty not only in the stitched pieces but the women themselves. It’s a real blessing to have such a great group who share the same passion.

We gather. We teach one another. We encourage one another. And together, we are all the better for it……

Her words really resonated as she could have been speaking about our Guild and the way it enriches our lives.

A quick thought – you might like Susan’s story about the first time she met our Sharon B –  it’s told here


Looking Over Shoulders 3

Hi there again

The Guild started up for 2014 on Monday. Lots of people still on holidays so numbers were well down but there was some wonderful work in progress. Here’s a sample of what was happening:

Agnes Sciberras was working on this stunning contemporary seascape:

Agnes Sciberras - Contemporary Seascape in Hoop

The scene is from a photo she took down the South Coast of NSW around Narooma. If you want to look in more detail just click on the photo.

And here’s a closer look at the beautiful materials and stitching…

Agnes Sciberras - close-up of South Coast Seascape in Progress

 Ann Lond was meticulously stitching a Hardanger runner in a soft sage colour:

Anne Lond - Green Hardanger Runner in Progress

Here are the edges she was finishing:

Anne Lond - Green Hardanger Runner Edges in Hoop

And here are a couple of the ones she’s already done:

Anne Lond - Finished Edges on Green Hardanger in Progress

Barbara Adams fingers were flying as she progressed these Candlewicking blocks for a quilt:

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Rooster in Progress

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Dog

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Rabbit in Progress

Aren’t they cute?

On the other side of the table Val Woodward was creating this lovely Canvaswork piece in blue and turquoise:

Val Woodward - Blue and Turquoise Canvaswork in Progress

Next to her Pat Bootland was developing the latest of her inspiring Or Nue designs:

Pat Bootland - Or Nue of Man at Window in Progress

Pat is so skilled that she makes it look straightforward – just awesome!

And in her usual spot at the end of this table Ann Small was expertly cross stitching this challenging design:

Anne Small - Country Store x stitch on hoop

At the next table Kathy Pascoe was adding more roses to her vibrant tablecloth:

Kathy Pascoe Purple Tablecloth with Yellow Rose

While Margaret Cooper was creating these delicate Stumpwork elements:

Margaret Cooper  Stumpwork leaves etc in hoop

Meanwhile on the other side of the table the precise geometry of this Canvaswork was emerging from the expert stitching of Margaret O’Beirne:

Margaret OBeirne  Purple Canvaswork in Hoop

Across the way Evelyn Foster was showing us the Contemporary Whitework she’d just finished as part of her online course with Karen Ruane:

Contemporary Whitework by Evelyn Foster

And here’s the other side:

Reverse side of Contemporary Whitework by Evelyn Foster

This is Evelyn’s own design and is just wonderful!

She’d also stitched this needlecase for one of her friends on the table:

Evelyn Foster - Friends by Choice

Not far away a handsome cat was emerging from Joyce Lynch’s cross stitch:

Joyce Lynch - back of x stitch cat

And Helen Nastopoulos was stitching these cool mice:

Glenda Hudson - mice x-stitch

Sitting next to her Ruth Jackson showed us this endearing koala:

Ruth Jackson - x-stitch koala softie

Don’t you think he’s got great personality?

She’d also finished this cheeky cross stitch:

Ruth Jackson - Women and Men Communication x-stitch

and was working on this:

Ruth Jackson - X stitch Alphabet

A bit further around Gail Haidon was embroidering this colourful and softly delicate design:

Gail Haidon Blue and White Wool Embroidery in Progress

Here are these gorgeous blues in more detail:

Gail Haidon - Blue Wool Embroidery close up

Not far away Margaret Lamond was adding flowers to this brilliant piece:

Margaret Lamond - Gold embroidery in progress

At the next table Lesley Fusinato was creating another of her super cute mice – this time a little French mouse:

Lesley Fusinato - French mouse in hoop

Chatting quietly to Lesley was Margaret Roberts who was busy choosing colours for the next section of her contemporary landscape:

Margaret Roberts - Contemporary Landscape

I love the way she’s evoked the sense of part of the scene in sunlight and the rest in shadow – it adds realism to a striking design.

As I was walking out of the room I caught sight of Sue Scorgie with this Diana Lampe design in her hoop so I grabbed my Ipad and took these pics:

Sue Scorgie - Diana Lampe Design in Hoop

I wanted a closer look at the wisteria she was stitching so you get one too:

Sue Scorgie - Close up of Diana Lampe design in hoop


Exhibition of Miss Fisher’s Costumes

For the fans of the sumptuous costumes in the Australian TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries there’s great news. They’ll be on show at Old Government House Parramatta from 1 March to 1 June 2014 – here’s the link to the National Trust’s website. Thanks to Sarah Kimmorley from our evening group for the head’s up.



Pat’s Stumpwork Box : Flowers, Funghi and Insects 2

Are you ready for a second look at Pat’s box. Well here goes…..

She’s so creative that not only did she fill the top of the lid with flowers, fruit and insects, she also decorated each vertical side of the lid!

This time it’s the funghi who are the stars. Pat says that each one is based on a real funghi.

Enjoy the eye candy!

Red Mushroom with White Spots by Pat Bootland


Blue Mushroom from Hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland


tan Mushroom with Beige Dashes by Pat Bootland



Pink Mushroom on Hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland

Cream Mushroom with Green Caterpillar on hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland


Three Copper and Cream Mushroom by Pat Bootland


Three Salmon Mushrooms by Pat Bootland


Two pale green mushrooms by Pat Bootland

An extra treat

I’ve saved something special to finish this post – an awesome stumpwork and goldwork beetle with or nue wings:

Goldwork Beetle by Pat Bootland

This beauty is on an or nue round box designed by Pat that you can see in the Members Gallery.

Take care!