Looking over shoulders 12

Hello everyone

It’s time for another blog post.  I’ve been slow to get up to speed, but that doesn’t mean that our Guild members haven’t been as busy and creative as ever.

Creative Stitches by Edith John


Judy Barton Browne was inspired by this book (available from the Guild library), to have a play with stitches, and create this sampler.

How many different “basic” stitches can you spot?  Look closely, and you can see where she has varied a stitch to give a different effect.




Stitch sampler by Judy Barton-Brown, detail1Stitch sampler by Judy Barton-Brown, detail2









Stitch sampler by Judy Barton-Brown, detail3Stitch sampler by Judy Barton-Brown, detail3


So go on, start playing with stitches!








Shona Phillips has created this happy little doll, and the brooches surrounding it are just some of the 90 brooches she was creating to give to all the female residents of a local aged care facility.  Shona didn’t want anyone to miss out on Mother’s Day, so she was powering along.  What a lovely thought!


Doll and brooches1 by Shona PhillipsDoll and brooches2 by Shona Phillips









Margaret Lamond was doing some experimentation, inspired by this book (also available in the Guild library), to create some stunning metal machine embroideries.  There was a bit of impromptu consultation around the table at a Monday meeting regarding colours to be used next.


The Art of Stitching on Metal by Ann ParrStitching on metal1 by Margaret LamondStitching on metal2 by Margaret Lamond









Sandra Pollard‘s work in progress is a Semco linen vintage cloth, in which the areas have been coloured in using Hobbytex.  Sandra has decided to use Minnamurra threads in a different, and softer, colour palette, and her plans include having some cut out sections in the finished cloth.

Vintage Semco linen cloth by Sandra Pollard

Vintage Semco linen cloth detail by Sandra PollardVintage Semco linen cloth threads by Sandra Pollard







Quilted panel by Andrea Moore

Quilted panel by Andrea Moore



Andrea Moore‘s quilted panel is from a Helen Godden workshop, and incorporates fabric paint, appliqué, and free motion machine quilting.






Gloria Loughman‘s quilted panel comes from a workshop she attended in Fiji, and incorporates hand painting, Visofix and free motion machine quilting.  Don’t you think that the little village is lovely?  Gloria intends to add more embellishment.

Quilted panel by Gloria LoughmanQuilted panel detail by Gloria Loughman







That’s all for now, happy stitching!


Weekend Wonderfuls 8

Hi everyone

This post is all about the wonderful Young Stitchers who got together again last Sunday afternoon.

It was awesome – there was lots of energy, giggling, spontaneous Christmas Carol singing and as always A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stitching. Even better lots of the Mums and Dads stayed to join in the fun.

First up we had the very important task of finding a new tail for Christine H‘s too cute felt mouse.

Felt Mouse by Christine H

Then Christine started on her Christmas Ball ornament and almost had it finished by the end of the session

Xmas Ball Ornament in progress by Christine H

Here’s a peek at all the other stitchy and Christmassy goodness.

Adele H‘s Christmas Bird Ornament

White Xmas Bird Ornament by Adele H

Asha S‘s Huckabuck Sampler

Huckabuck Sampler by Asha S

Angela C‘s crazy cat stitchery in progress

Stitchery in progress by Angela C

and Claire H‘s which is a bit further along

Cat Stitchery in progress by Claire H

Maggie M‘s appliqué owl at the start of the session

Applique Owl in progress by Maggie M

and finished

Owl Applique stitched by Maggie M

Kathryn A was working away at a cross stitch grevillea and doing a beautiful job

Australian Native Flower x-stitch in progress by Kathryn A

Chevonne‘s cool Christmas card

Xmas Card by Chevonne

Freia H‘s bright Christmas Stocking ornament

Green Xmas Stocking Ornament by Freia H

Zara H‘s purple pop of colour Christmas Stocking ornament

Purple Xmas Stocking Ornament by Zara H

Lila E was just starting her Christmas Stocking Ornament

White Xmas Stocking in progress by Lila E

Angela R‘s super Christmas Tree ornament

Xmas Tree Ornament by Angela R

and Anna M‘s lovely Christmas Bird ornament

Yellow Xmas Bird Ornament by Anna M

The other highlight of the afternoon was a fantastic afternoon tea that covered three tables! I snuck in some photos before the cakes were cut but the pics don’t do it justice!

YS -afternoon tea 1

YS Afternoon tea 2

YS Afternoon Tea 3

Elvi’s choc cake with festive decorations was a huge hit!

YS - Elvis Xmas Choc Cake



Hydrangea Melody

Hi everyone

Today I’m sharing a really striking piece of wool embroidery beautifully stitched by Gail Haidon. You may remember Gail’s Bayeaux Tapestry panel featured here.

This particular design is called Hydrangea Melody and is from an Elsa Williams Heritage Collection Kit. I love the pop of colour from the blue and mauve shades:

Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon

Detail 1 of Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon

The blending of colours to create a dappled effect is just awesome. Not to mention the Whitework tablecloth.

Detail 2 of Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon

Detail 3 of Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon

Detail 4 of Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon

And now for some close ups……

Detail 5 of Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon

Detail 6 of Hydrangea Melody stitched by Gail Haldon