Weekend Wonderfuls 9

Hi everyone

On 8 February the Young Stitchers had their first meeting of the year and we’re going to share what they’ve been up to.

There was all the same stitchy energy, chat and enthusiasm. It was great to see the progress being made. The older participants are now tackling more challenging embroidery patterns and some are collecting serious gear……..what’s not to love about the sewing baskets??!

Here’s the eye candy….

Lara’s Rowandean kit called Rutland Water

Lara Rowandean Kit 1 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 3 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 2 Feb 2015

Ella’s Project that includes smocking

Ella Stitching 3 Feb 2015

Ellas Stitching 1 Feb 2015

Ella Stitching 2 Feb 2015

Sophie’s Longstitch project

Sophie Longstitch Feb 2015Georgia’s Owl

Georgias Owl 1 Feb 2015

Georgias Owl 2 Feb 2015

Claire’s embroidery

Claire Stitching Feb 2015

Koki starting her new piece

Koki Stitching Feb 2015

Madeline’s Crazy Cat

Madelines Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Angela’s Crazy Cat

Angelas Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Kimberley’s heart

Kimberleys Heart Feb 2015

Ella’s Owl

Ella Owl Feb 2015

Zara’s Bird

Zara Bird Feb 2015

Elanor’s Panda

Elanor Panda Feb 2015

Elanor Panda 2 Feb 2015Emma’s penguin

Emma Penguin Feb 2015

Cecilia’s projects

Cecilias racoon Feb 2015

Cecilias Stitching Feb 2015

Isn’t it all A-W-E-S-O-M-E?



Weekend Wonderfuls 8

Hi everyone

This post is all about the wonderful Young Stitchers who got together again last Sunday afternoon.

It was awesome – there was lots of energy, giggling, spontaneous Christmas Carol singing and as always A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stitching. Even better lots of the Mums and Dads stayed to join in the fun.

First up we had the very important task of finding a new tail for Christine H‘s too cute felt mouse.

Felt Mouse by Christine H

Then Christine started on her Christmas Ball ornament and almost had it finished by the end of the session

Xmas Ball Ornament in progress by Christine H

Here’s a peek at all the other stitchy and Christmassy goodness.

Adele H‘s Christmas Bird Ornament

White Xmas Bird Ornament by Adele H

Asha S‘s Huckabuck Sampler

Huckabuck Sampler by Asha S

Angela C‘s crazy cat stitchery in progress

Stitchery in progress by Angela C

and Claire H‘s which is a bit further along

Cat Stitchery in progress by Claire H

Maggie M‘s appliqué owl at the start of the session

Applique Owl in progress by Maggie M

and finished

Owl Applique stitched by Maggie M

Kathryn A was working away at a cross stitch grevillea and doing a beautiful job

Australian Native Flower x-stitch in progress by Kathryn A

Chevonne‘s cool Christmas card

Xmas Card by Chevonne

Freia H‘s bright Christmas Stocking ornament

Green Xmas Stocking Ornament by Freia H

Zara H‘s purple pop of colour Christmas Stocking ornament

Purple Xmas Stocking Ornament by Zara H

Lila E was just starting her Christmas Stocking Ornament

White Xmas Stocking in progress by Lila E

Angela R‘s super Christmas Tree ornament

Xmas Tree Ornament by Angela R

and Anna M‘s lovely Christmas Bird ornament

Yellow Xmas Bird Ornament by Anna M

The other highlight of the afternoon was a fantastic afternoon tea that covered three tables! I snuck in some photos before the cakes were cut but the pics don’t do it justice!

YS -afternoon tea 1

YS Afternoon tea 2

YS Afternoon Tea 3

Elvi’s choc cake with festive decorations was a huge hit!

YS - Elvis Xmas Choc Cake



Weekend Wonderfuls 6

Hi Everyone

Yesterday the Young Stitchers had their first session at the Guild’s new premises – it was great to have their energy, liveliness, chatter and total enthusiasm. It’s also so awesome to see their skills build and their sheer joy in the work they make.

We also love having family members stay and be part of the action – including the amazing spread for afternoon tea.

Here’s a sampler of their work – dangerous levels of cuteness here!

Lilas Owl Softie in Progress

Lilas Owl Softie Finishedlila and Owl SoftieLilas Mermaid Head

Angelas Name Tag

Frog Feltie by Melanie

Racoon Feltie by EmmaEmmas Babushka

Kathryns Frog Softie

Kathryns Huckabuck

Zaras BabushkaBabushka Feltie by Zara

Claires Lion Feltie

Don’t you love the way that they make the designs their own with all the added touches – especially the bling. We were really impressed with how Kathryn adapted the frog feltie design so that it looked as much as possible like our local Corroberee Frog which is black and gold.

Young Stitchers’ Gallery

Just a heads up that this gallery has been updated and includes photos of the work done at Young Stitchers in March and April and the last School Holiday Program. Really cool stitching!



Trailer for Young Stitchers 2014

Hello again

We’ve been busy getting ready for Young Stitchers.

A Platter of Threads

Doreen and Christine from the Recycle Room gave us a box of threads which we’ve been sorting and putting onto floss cards. Here’s a sample of them:

Platter of thread

and a Bowl of Greens

Bowl of Green Thread

Aren’t they delicious? I don’t know about you but I’m a total threadhead or is it thread tragic?

New Designs

Now the exciting bit – here’s a look at some of the new samples we’ve been stitching up for the younger members of the group.

Retro Alien

Do you remember this retro alien design from the book Felties by Nellie Pailloux?

Alien feltie stitched by Jillian Bath

Well in the book there’s also a cartoon of the little alien in a spaceship and Jillian has adapted it to make this:

Alien in spacecraft stitched by Jillian Bath

How awesome is that? Here they are together:

Alien in space ship and alien feltie stitched by Jillian Bath

Owl love

Jillian has also stitched this rugged up owl from the book Twenty to Make – Felt Christmas Decorations by Corinne Lapierre:

Owl wirh orange scarf feltie stitched by Jillian Bath

It’s so cute  – why wait for Christmas to make this cool feltie?

Easter Treats

Here are some cards that Jillian’s also stitched up….. This sweet design is Jillian’s own

Easter rabbit on Green Background Card stitched by Jillian Bath


Rabbit on Yellow Background Card stitched by Jillian Bath

This next country rabbit is part of a picture in Natalie Bird’s book In My Garden – Backyard Stitching:

Rabbit and tree card stitched by Jillian Bath

Super Cute Brooches 

How about these cuties?

Scottie Dog brooch stitched by Jillian Bath

Black Cat Brooch stitched by Jillian Bath

Stay Tuned

I’ll be back next week with some of the samples we’re stitching for the more advanced stitchers in the group




Merry Christmas and the Young Stitchers

A big Merry Christmas to everyone and wishing you all an awesome 2014!

Christmas is so much fun with kids and here are some photos from the seriously cool work done by the Young Stitchers in December:

Madeline Young Stitchers Xmas Stocking Ornament

Evie Young Stitchers Xmas Bird Ornament

Melanie Young Stitcher Xmas Tree Ornament

Melanie Young Stitcher Xmas Bell Ornament

Koki Young Stitchers Xmas Stocking ornament

Christine Young Stitcher Feltie

Kimberley Young Stitchers Xmas Bell bracelets

Kimberley Young Stitcher Bunny Feltie

Christine Young Stitcher Xmas ornaments

Adele Young Stitcher Xmas stocking ornament

Kathryn Young Stitcher Xmas ornaments

Kathryn Young Stitchers Xmas stocking ornament

Kathryn Young Stitchers Xmas necklace

And look at the iPad cover Lel made for James from the birds he stitched earlier in the year…….

James Young Stitchers - iPad Cover

Woo hoo don’t you want one too?!!! I do!!!

And don’t you love the personality the Young Stitchers give all the ornaments – just too cute!

News Flash

I’ve added some work to the Cross Stitch, Crewel & Surface Stitchery, Goldwork, Quilts and Wallhangings, Silk Ribbon & Whitework galleries.

Enjoy and…..

Detail 8 from Christmas Fun Wallhanging by Anne Dowling


See you in the New Year!!! Take care if you’re travelling.

Weekend Wonderfuls 3

Hi again

On a Sunday recently the Guild’s studio was once more full of the chat, laughter, energy, fun and lots of stitching by the Young Stitchers.

For afternoon tea there was also the yummy birthday cake that James shared with everyone.

Here’s a sampler of their work:


Young Stitchers Nov 2013 2

Young Stitchers Nov 2013 3

Young Stitchers Nov 2013 4

Young Stitchers Nov 2013 5

Young Stitchers Nov 2013 6

Too cute!!


Awesome School Holiday Stitching

Last week the Guild’s School Holiday Program was full of enthusiasm, chatter, laughter, energy and lots and lots of stitching!

It was held over two days. Some children came for half a day, some for one and some for the whole two days.

The little ones were just starting out on stitching while the older ones were already confident and happy to experiment and try different things.

Everyone had great fun looking at the books and patterns, choosing what they were going to work on and then hunting through all the boxes of felt, fabric, threads, beads and bling for their bits and pieces.

Here’s a quick peek at the awesome things they stitched:

Claire added her own artistic touch to this cute pattern…….

Claire Girl

 Eleanor made this pretty Christmas tree ornament…

Eleanor xmas tree

and these beauties…

Eleanor huck work & chihuahua

Isra made a whole lot of super cute felties: Isra racoon

Isra chihuahua

Isra doll

Christine’s fantastic fox feltie and heart were just cute as…

Christine fox & heart

Laelani was very creative with huckabuck…

Laelani huck work

and a close-up…

Detail of Laelani huck work

Lana finished her girl with a balloon and created a clever cushion…..

Lana girl

and this colourful butterfly…

Lana butterfly card

Here are Yasmin’s awesome pieces…

Yasmin chicken scratch

Yasmin platypus

Yasmine pieces

Amy worked on this cuddly owl….

Amy owl

Tovah gave her cool bear  a rainbow tummy…..

Tovah bear

Darcy’s cool chihuahua..

Darcy chihuahua

Koki had so much energy and made a heap of cuties….

Koki polaroo

Koki pieces

Koki heart

Charlotte’s cheeky chihuahua….

Charlotte chihuahua

Adele’s cute as Christmas tree…

Adele xmas tree

and Christine made the sweetest little mouse…

Christine mouse

Adele also did a lovely mouse but we didn’t get it on camera!

While Nada’s terrific teddy had a birdie on its tummy….

Nada Teddy

Kate made this perky panda….


and Isobel this chihuahua with special bling!

Isobel puppy

and Rachael’s green alien was just so cool….

Rachael alien

Not to mention Jess’s super owl….

Jess Owl

The kids were such livewires and just the best!

Joanne, Georgina and Brianna managed to elude Jillian and her camera so we’ll try to get some pics of their work next time because they were doing some great stitching!

Design Information

The patterns for the racoon and fox felties are from Mollie Makes magazine; Mushroom girl, panda, polaroo, puppy and alien felties are from the book Felties by Nellie Pailloux ; the owl pattern is from the book Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray; the Christmas tree ornament is from the book Fa La La La Felt by Amanda Carestio; the mouse has been adapted and simplified from a pattern in the magazine Australian Embroidery and Cross Stitch; and the pattern of the girl with the balloon is by Lilipopo. The huckabuck and  chicken scratch are traditional techniques and the children encouraged to create their own designs with the traditional stitches. Yasmin drew her own shape for the feltie platypus.



Weekend Wonderfuls 2

On Sunday afternoon the Young Stitchers got together for their monthly stitching session. There was lots of energy, chatter and stitching going on around the tables.

We have two Georgina Hs who very competently ploughed ahead with their projects…

Georgina H1 managed to finish her elephant which was awesome.

GeorginaH 1 elephant in hoop close up


Georgina H1 Elephant in hoop

The elephant was designed by Jillian Bath a member of the Guild.

Georgina H2 worked very expertly at making a dresden star for a school project and used her huckabuck pincushion for storing her needles and pins as she went along.

Georgina H2 Dresden Star

Georgina H2 Huckabuck pincushion

After learning some of the basics of this Swedish Weaving technique the Young Stitchers are encouraged to use the traditional stitches to create their own designs.

James stitched away at his birds and here they are finished. High 5 James!

James Birds on line

The birds are from the book A Rainbow of Stitches by Agnes Delage-Calvet.

Claire had her mouse and heart along with her mat for everyone to see – soooo cute.

Claire mouse and heart

Claire square

The mouse design was adapted and simplified from a pattern in Australian Embroidery and Cross-stitch while the mat comes from Embroidery: A Beginner’s Workshop by Jock Levinson 1992

Claire and Tovah also used the lightbox to prepare some new projects.

Young stitchers using lightbox

Tovah worked hard to finish a school project of a corset for her doll and then showed us the super softies she’d made at the Guild classes (Chihuahuas) and at home (furry key ring & pincushion).

Tovah doll corset

Tovah doll with corset

Tovah softies on A4 sheet

The design for the Chihuahuas comes from the book Felties by Nelly Pailloux

Koki stitched  away really neatly at her chicken scratch heart while her pretty pincushion was being made up.

Koki heart chicken scratch in hoop

Koki huckabuck pincushion

Yasmine’s design and colours for her huckabuck pincushion worked really well and the pincushion looked great when it was sewn up.

Yasmine huckabuck not made up

Yasmine Huckabuck pincushion made up

Emily worked away on her chicken scratch heart while we peeked at her huckabuck needlebook and very cute fox feltie.

Emily Huckabuck needlebook

Emily fox feltie

The foxy feltie comes from the magazine Molly Makes.

Kimberley stitched her new rabbit project while we photographed her pincushion and mat – not to mention the awesome yellow cushion waiting to go into her rainbow bag.

Kimberley square and Huckabuck pincushion

Kimberley yellow pillow and rainbow bag

Melanie sewed on the star beads for her very pretty purple heart while we had a close look at the felties she’s made at the Guild which are cute as……..

Melanie purple heart with beads


Melanie felties

The babushka and panda come from the Felties book by Nelly Pailloux.

Guild Exhibition and Young Stitchers

You’ll be able to see the work of the Young Stitchers at the Guild’s Exhibition at the Albert Hall from 27-29 September.