Weekend Wonderfuls 2

On Sunday afternoon the Young Stitchers got together for their monthly stitching session. There was lots of energy, chatter and stitching going on around the tables.

We have two Georgina Hs who very competently ploughed ahead with their projects…

Georgina H1 managed to finish her elephant which was awesome.

GeorginaH 1 elephant in hoop close up


Georgina H1 Elephant in hoop

The elephant was designed by Jillian Bath a member of the Guild.

Georgina H2 worked very expertly at making a dresden star for a school project and used her huckabuck pincushion for storing her needles and pins as she went along.

Georgina H2 Dresden Star

Georgina H2 Huckabuck pincushion

After learning some of the basics of this Swedish Weaving technique the Young Stitchers are encouraged to use the traditional stitches to create their own designs.

James stitched away at his birds and here they are finished. High 5 James!

James Birds on line

The birds are from the book A Rainbow of Stitches by Agnes Delage-Calvet.

Claire had her mouse and heart along with her mat for everyone to see – soooo cute.

Claire mouse and heart

Claire square

The mouse design was adapted and simplified from a pattern in Australian Embroidery and Cross-stitch while the mat comes from Embroidery: A Beginner’s Workshop by Jock Levinson 1992

Claire and Tovah also used the lightbox to prepare some new projects.

Young stitchers using lightbox

Tovah worked hard to finish a school project of a corset for her doll and then showed us the super softies she’d made at the Guild classes (Chihuahuas) and at home (furry key ring & pincushion).

Tovah doll corset

Tovah doll with corset

Tovah softies on A4 sheet

The design for the Chihuahuas comes from the book Felties by Nelly Pailloux

Koki stitched  away really neatly at her chicken scratch heart while her pretty pincushion was being made up.

Koki heart chicken scratch in hoop

Koki huckabuck pincushion

Yasmine’s design and colours for her huckabuck pincushion worked really well and the pincushion looked great when it was sewn up.

Yasmine huckabuck not made up

Yasmine Huckabuck pincushion made up

Emily worked away on her chicken scratch heart while we peeked at her huckabuck needlebook and very cute fox feltie.

Emily Huckabuck needlebook

Emily fox feltie

The foxy feltie comes from the magazine Molly Makes.

Kimberley stitched her new rabbit project while we photographed her pincushion and mat – not to mention the awesome yellow cushion waiting to go into her rainbow bag.

Kimberley square and Huckabuck pincushion

Kimberley yellow pillow and rainbow bag

Melanie sewed on the star beads for her very pretty purple heart while we had a close look at the felties she’s made at the Guild which are cute as……..

Melanie purple heart with beads


Melanie felties

The babushka and panda come from the Felties book by Nelly Pailloux.

Guild Exhibition and Young Stitchers

You’ll be able to see the work of the Young Stitchers at the Guild’s Exhibition at the Albert Hall from 27-29 September.


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