Weekend Wonderfuls 9

Hi everyone

On 8 February the Young Stitchers had their first meeting of the year and we’re going to share what they’ve been up to.

There was all the same stitchy energy, chat and enthusiasm. It was great to see the progress being made. The older participants are now tackling more challenging embroidery patterns and some are collecting serious gear……..what’s not to love about the sewing baskets??!

Here’s the eye candy….

Lara’s Rowandean kit called¬†Rutland Water

Lara Rowandean Kit 1 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 3 Feb 2015

Lara Rowandean Kit 2 Feb 2015

Ella’s Project that includes smocking

Ella Stitching 3 Feb 2015

Ellas Stitching 1 Feb 2015

Ella Stitching 2 Feb 2015

Sophie’s Longstitch project

Sophie Longstitch Feb 2015Georgia’s Owl

Georgias Owl 1 Feb 2015

Georgias Owl 2 Feb 2015

Claire’s embroidery

Claire Stitching Feb 2015

Koki starting her new piece

Koki Stitching Feb 2015

Madeline’s Crazy Cat

Madelines Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Angela’s Crazy Cat

Angelas Crazy Cat Feb 2015

Kimberley’s heart

Kimberleys Heart Feb 2015

Ella’s Owl

Ella Owl Feb 2015

Zara’s Bird

Zara Bird Feb 2015

Elanor’s Panda

Elanor Panda Feb 2015

Elanor Panda 2 Feb 2015Emma’s penguin

Emma Penguin Feb 2015

Cecilia’s projects

Cecilias racoon Feb 2015

Cecilias Stitching Feb 2015

Isn’t it all A-W-E-S-O-M-E?



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2 Responses to Weekend Wonderfuls 9

  1. Jillian Bath says:

    Our Young Stitchers are a delightful group. They are very creative and work on a wide range of different projects. It should be a very happy year with them all.

  2. Glenda Hudson says:

    Congratulations to the Young Stitchers. They are all doing such wonderful work and improving all the time. We’re very proud of you.