2013 Exhibition 2 – Upcycling

We have a very active recycle table here at the Guild in Canberra. It’s haberdashery heaven!

Doreen G and her team become magicians when they re-stock it – suddenly there are members everywhere rummaging through the piles of threads, fibres, fabrics, vintage patterns and embroideries, beads and bling – it’s all action  and like watching a scene on fast forward.

Challenge to Make Threads Count by Upcycling

Earlier in the year Doreen G issued a challenge to everyone – to upcycle something(s) from the table and show them at the Exhibition. She called it a Clayton’s Challenge because it wasn’t one of the Guild’s formal Challenges.

So here’s what everyone made for the Exhibition.

There were two stands..

……Here’s one…

Upcycling Challenge One

….And a closer view

Close-up of Upcycling Challenge One

…..And here’s the other

Upcycling Challenge Stand Two

.….And now to show you some of the works in more detail. If you want to see any photo in greater detail just click on it to enlarge.

Stitched Seascapes

Lyn B took a piece of fabric on which someone had painted an atmospheric backdrop of mountains, cloud and sky and turned it into this evocative seascape.

Stitched Seascape with Sandpipers by Lyn Baldwin

Don’t you think her sandpipers have real personality?

Sandpipers Detail from Stitched Seascape by Lyn Baldwin

Christine B found some scraps of lace and they morphed into this bright scene..

Stitched Seascape by Christine Bailey

Her needlelace waders are just the business! …….and look at the way she’s manipulated the lace to create a breaking wave:

Detail from Stitched Seascape by Christine Bailey

Contemporary pieces

Fran pondered on the scraps of fibre she’d found on the recycle table and came up with a striking necklace:

Fran Novitski explanantion Upcycling Challenge

Upcycling challenge Necklace by Fran Novitski

Joyce W whipped up a book cover in teal and a shoulder bag from some silk tops and cocoon, dyed threads and beads:

Teal Book cover with flower Upcycling Challenge Joyca Weeks


Gold coloured shoulder bag by Joyce Weeks

There wasn’t a card with this cool necklace but it looks like the work of Julie K (I’ll have to check!)

Necklace by Julie Knight

And Val Woodward scrumbled this awesome vest:

Scrumbled Jacket by Val Woodward

Just in case you’ve never scrumbled – it’s free form knitting and crochet

Quirky animals

Doreen McG made fantastic Mr Fox:

Fox by Doreen McGregor

while Pat Bootland transformed bits and pieces of fibre into these super cute elephants:

Four elephants by Pat Bootland


Anne E was at it again giving new life to this old embroidery by making it part of a bag:

Stitched bag by Anne Eccleston

Dianne S did the same with this stitchery:

bag with Patchwork and stitchery Dianne Sell challenge

Meanwhile Diana C created this box lid in cross stitch:

Watering can x stitch by Diana Churchill challenge

and Helen L this one:

Helen Leaney X stitch on box lid Challenge

Vintage Squares

And Cecilia S stitched these lovely vintage squares…

Vintage Square with Mushrooms stitched by Cecilia Skene


Vintage Square with Butterflies stitched by Cecilia Skene


Vintage Square with Flowers stitched by Cecilia Skene


….I thought you might like a closer look at these lovelies…

Cecilia Skene Butterfly Detail Upcycling Challenge


Detail Blue Butterfly and flowers by Cecilia Skene

…And these delicate iris – I didn’t make a note of who stitched them – I’ll have to let you know in a later post

Vintage embroidery of Iris

Quirky and Cheeky

Louise G took a circle of tulle and this is the result:

Louise Gardener Tulle Wreath Challenge

what is it? you ask – ‘Your guess is as good as mine’ says Louise!

Margaret K has a very dry sense of humour and fun and a twinkle in her eye so her piece was very entertaining and cheeky. She took two tassels and created Les Folies Bergere:

Margaret Kelemen tassels challenge

Oooh La La!!

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