Projects of National Significance

The ACT Guild has led a number of embroidery and needlework projects of national significance. These are:

  • The Parliament House Embroidery
  • The National Maritime Museum Embroidery
  • The Crimson Thread of Kinship Embroidery designed and stitched for the National Museum
  • Quilt for Blundell’s Cottage
  • Chair cover at Lanyon Homestead
  • Repair of hangings at the War Memorial


2 Responses to Projects of National Significance

  1. Dale Ricklefs says:

    Is the book describing the embroidered works located in the Parliament House in the gallery overlooking the Great Hall still available? If so, can one obtain a copy?


    • Gail H says:

      Dale, I’m honestly not sure. If it is the one I’m thinking of (published quite a while ago), the best bet might be to contact the Australian Parliament House direct (if you can’t actually just visit their bookshop and ask). I believe that the Art and Craft Collection is managed by the Department of Parliamentary Services – details on their web site

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