Elizabethan Sweet Bag

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I’m sharing another example of Marjorie Gilbey’s wonderful stitching.

This Elizabethan Sweet Bag is just exquisite. It’s quite small – 12.5 x 16 cm or 5 x 6.5 inches.

Elizabethan Sweet Bag stitched by Marjorie Gilby

The technique is counted work and best described as petit point.

Close up of Elizabehan Sweet Bag stitched by Marjorie Gilby

In this closer view you can see that the horizontal green borders are done in Long-armed Cross Stitch. The caps of the acorns are needleace while the acorn themselves are embroidered in Satin Stitch. The blue hearts are also Satin Stitch. They are then finished with an outline in Holbein Stitch (also called Double Running Stitch).

Now for a closer look at that lovely central panel:

Detail 2 of Elizabethan Sweet bag stitched by Marjorie Gilby

The centrepiece rose is again needlelace  and the birds are filled in with Tent Stitch and outlined in Holbein Stitch. The use of Chain Stitch in three colours from dark to light is very effective in creating a geometric twisted vine effect to frame this central design.

But the details that really intrigued me are the tulips and the strawberries which are done in Queen Stitch (also called Renaissance Stitch):

Detail 3 of Elizabethan Sweet Bag stitched by Marjorie Gilby

Marjorie Gilby - drawstring bag with complex patterns  5

I’ve been practising this stitch and thinking of ways I can use it to create a lovely and very delicate surface.

Here’s one of the decorative elements attached to the bag:

Pincushion from Elizabethan Sweetbag stitched by Marjorie Gilby



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