Pat’s Whimsical Etui

Pat B is one of the Guild’s very accomplished embroiderers and she loves to make decorative boxes.

An etui is a small ornamental box for holding needles, thimbles etc.

We have been photographing a series of her boxes for the Members Gallery and I couldn’t resist sharing this etui that Pat designed with you. If you’d like to look at the detail just click on any photo to enlarge it.

Black and White Etui by Pat Bootland

…..and here’s a view of the other side…..

View 2 Black and White Etui by Pat Bootland

Pat has created an etui in the style that opens up flat once the box is opened:

Unfolded Etui by Pat Bootland

Would you like a closer look at the inside of the etui?

Well here’s the side with the comfy armchair and lamp:

Inside Wall with armchair of Etui by Pat Bootland

This one has a warm fireplace with a striking portrait above it:

Inside wall with fireplace and portrait in Etui by Pat Bootland

….this wall is full of crafty things:

Inside wall with two pictures of Etui by Pat Bootland

…..and this one has a relaxing view through the window..

Inside wall with window of etui by Pat Bootland

And guess who’s enjoying all this?

Creature in Etui by Pat Bootland

Pat says that this little creature gets very upset if it’s mistaken for a cat or a dog…….it is its own whimsical self!