Looking Over Shoulders 7

Hi everyone

This time it’s the turn of the morning group. These photos were taken with my iPad at the last couple of meetings at Gorman House.

You have Julie Knight to thank for the fact that I’ve done these two recent Looking over Shoulders posts. She was wearing this very striking necklace and I asked her about it….

Necklace 1 by Julie Knight

Turns out she was so inspired by the Kim Thittichai Workshop (held at the Guild at the end of March) that she was experimenting with using Kim’s technique to bond embellished Vliesofix to leather and this necklace was the result. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So I had to share it with you…

I would never in a million years have guessed that this surface was Vliesofix – it looks like a hard plastic or resin. Kim has written an account of the workshops at our Guild here.

Julie is incredibly creative and productive and had made not one but three necklaces. Here are the other two:

Necklace 2 by Julie Knight

Necklace 3 by Julie Knight

When she wasn’t being asked to show her necklaces to people she was stitching the ladybug embroidery on this sweet baby dress

Pink Baby Dress with Ladybug stitched by Julie Knight

Irene Burton was putting the finishing touches to this doll dressed in very pretty Hardanger:

Hardanger Doll by Irene Burton

Like Julie she’s also incredibly productive and had these three crocheted bags sitting on the table beside her sewing kit:

Crocheted Bag2 by Irene Burton

Crocheted Bag 1 by Irene Burton

Crocheted Bag 3 by Irene Burton

Dimity Manton was also into crochet working away at this granny square:

Granny Square in Progress by Dimity Manton

Nearby Evelyn Foster was making up these Christmas squares that Helen Nastopoulus had stitched:

Xmas Squares stitched by Helen Nastopoulus

She was using this dainty needlecase machine stitched by her cousin.

photo 22

Kay Reid came back from her recent embroidery cruise all enthusiastic about Brazilian embroidery:

Brazilian Embroidery in progress stitched by Kay Reid

I couldn’t resist taking another photo of this lovely wool embroidery that Gail Haidon is working on:

Wool Embroidery of Hydrangeas stitched by Gail Haidon

Ann Lond was tatting this lace border for a vintage tablecloth to replace one that’s become too frayed:

Tatting by Ann Lond

She also had with her a large Chicken Scratch tablecloth that she’s embroidered for the Canberra branch of the Country Women’s Association. It was way too large to photograph so I focussed on these couple of elements:

Chicken Scratch Triangle by Ann Lond

Chicken Scratch Border by Ann Lond

At the other end of this table Louise Willey was stitching this celtic design in Canvaswork:

Celtic Design Canvaswork in progress by Louise Willey

Trish Hyland was chatting away to her and progressing this delicate Hardanger diamond:

Hardanger Diamond in Progress stitched by Trish Hyland

While Meryl Fellows was also stitching away at another one of her wonderful Hardanger pieces:

Hardanger in hoop stitched by Meryl Fellows

Jenny Clayton’s cute bullion scoops of ice cream on a baby’s onsie made me smile:

Bullion Ice cream on babygro stitched by Jenny Clayton

Beside her Janice Brennan was stitching the elements of another Diana Lampe design:

Diana Lampe design with Wattle stitched by Janice

The wattle tree really adds a pop of colour:

Wattle detail from Diana Lampe design stitched by Janice

And now for some cross stitch:

The big lazing cat that Joyce Lynch is embroidering is coming to life:

Cat x stitch in progress by Joyce Lynch

As is Doreen McGregor‘s butler:

Butler x stitch by Doreen McGregorMeanwhile Gwyneth Peddey was working on this imposing view of Harlech Castle.

Harlech Castle X stitch by Gwyneth Peddey




2014 Workshops

There was a buzz of excitement at the Guild on Monday when the first workshops for 2014 were announced.

Kim Thittichai Workshops in April

Kim is a well-known UK artist, tutor and author from Brighton who teaches creative textile techniques internationally. She has a website and blog here where you get a real sense of the fun, colour and activity in her workshops.

If you like exploring new techniques for creating surface decoration then Kim’s On the Surface workshop on 4 April is for you!

Then in the 5-6 April Workshop you can unleash your design mojo and create original work with Kim in her Creating Original Designs and Printing Blocks

Glenys Leske Workshop on 31 May & 1 June

Glenys is from the Riverland in South Australia and teaches at the SA Guild’s Summer School. Her Path to the Beach Workshop offers the opportunity to create this exquisite work:

Path to Beach

using layered silks and manipulated organza fabrics with applied fence posts and wire mesh fence, hand and machine (optional) embroidered foliage and small shells applied in the fabrics.

Carolyn Sullivan Workshop on 30-31 August

Carolyn is an embroiderer and quilter who enjoys working with fabric and thread to make colourful works where shape and texture are important. She lives in Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW and teaches at the NSW Guild.

Her  Big, Bold and Beautiful………Stitch and More Stitch Workshop explores techniques for building up layers of stitches to create and embellish these textiles:

Carolyn Sullivan Circles

Carolyn Sullivan Paisley

 More Information on Workshops

More information about these workshops can be found in the Classes section of this website including the Classes Enrolment Form.


If you want to enrol in any of these workshops you’ll need to complete a Classes Enrolment Form and get it to the Guild together with a deposit of 50% of the fee for the Workshop.

Annual Exhibition

Don’t forget the Guild’s annual Exhibition opens on Thursday night at 7.30 p.m. and runs through from the 27-29 September. Opening times are 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. each day.

There’ll be a fantastic display of stitching and textiles from the traditional elegance of Hardanger to some very funky contemporary pieces.

The Gift Shop and Recycle Table are going to be awesome! Members have been stitching up a storm so if you’re up for some retail therapy come and join the fun.

There’ll also be plenty of good coffee, sandwiches and cakes……

ACT Textile Art Association Open Night

On another note ACTTAA is having an open night on 9 October at the Woden Senior Citizens Centre. The theme is knitting skills and inspiration.