News Update

Hi everyone

Well about an hour ago I managed to erase the whole Cross Stitch Gallery and it’s taken me all this time to figure out how to restore it! WordPress is seriously scary at times….Anyway it’s back & updated to boot.

Here’s the list of all the galleries that have been updated:



Contemporary Creative

Crewel & Surface Stitching

Cross Stitch



Landscapes & Scenes

Stumpwork & Textured Stitching


All the new photos are at the top of the galleries.


We’re on Facebook and you can find us here. Yay! \0/




Sublime Stumpwork 2

Hi everyone

Are you ready for some more eye candy of Lorna’s exquisite stumpwork? Well here are two more pieces.

Another Exquisite Jane Nicholas Design

The first is a Jane Nicholas Design of a Crocus with Clover and a Green Beetle:

Purple Crocus with Green Beetle Stumpwork by Lorna Loveland

Stumpwork Crocus and Clover Flowers stitched by Lorna Loveland

Close-up of Stumpwork Crocus Flowers stitched by Lorna Loveland

Green Stumpwork Beetle with Red and Purple Patches stitched by Lorna Loveland

Isn’t the beetle just amazing – like a gorgeous jewel??

Lorna’s Own Design of a Dog Rose with Ladybug

This piece is Lorna’s own design and was very difficult to photograph because it’s so deeply recessed behind glass but Stewart (Bath) has done a great job again.

Let’s have a look:

Pink Dog Rose with Ladybug by Lorna Loveland

Close up of Pink Stumpwork Dog Rose by Lorna Loveland

Red Stumpwork Ladybug on Leaf by Lorna Loveland

There you go!



News Update

Hello again

This is a quick news update:

New photos uploaded to Members Gallery in:



Contemporary Creative

Crewel & Surface Stitchery

Fabric Postcards

Landscapes & Scenes

Stumpwork and Textured Stitching


Young Stitchers

The new photos are at the top of each gallery so that you can see what’s new easily.

Awesome Win for Young Stitcher Lara at Actew/AGL Canberra Show

One of our Young Stitchers Lara is 8 and she entered some of her beautiful embroidery in the Canberra Show.

And ta-da look what she won:

Elephant with Canberra Show Prize Ribbon by Lara Espeland

And a closer look….

Elephant by Lara Espeland

But there’s more – she won Student Champion!!!!

Vase of Flowers with Canberra Show Prize Ribbon by Lara Espeland

Vase of Flowers by Lara Espeland

How awesome is Lara’s stitching?!!! Those grub roses are just so cool!

2014 Exhibition

Just a head’s up about two of the wonderful special features of our 2014 Exhibition which will be held from 18-21 September at the Albert Hall.

If you’re a fan of Sharon Boggon’s Pintangle blog then you’ll know all about her Love of Stitching Band Sampler.


This sampler is many things:

– an amazing and beloved piece of embroidery and creativity that’s over 32 metres or 29 yards long x 6 inches wide

– a stitched journal of her life

– an important teaching tool


And Y-E-S it’s going to be an awesome part of our 2014 Exhibition!! Yay! \0/

Another delightful work on show will be Doreen McGregor’s Dollhouse for Stitchers (seen here) and visitors will have the chance to look in the windows and see all those exquisite, tiny contents up close! Yay! \0/

Crafty Tadpole Dollhouse 6 by Doreen McGregor

And top of this there’ll be the curated exhibition of the postcards in the Stitching Love and Hope Challenge – Can’t wait!!

New Website & Facebook page of Qld Embroiderers’ Guild

The Queensland Guild has a bright new website with a real pop of colour here and a new Facebook page here. So go have a look and if you’re on Facebook then you might want to ‘like’ their site – it’s really important to support our fellow Guilds.




Sublime Stumpwork

Hi again

The header on this blog post isn’t an exaggeration. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word sublime means ‘of very great excellence or beauty’.

What makes this Stumpwork embroidery so sublime and out of the box is the combination of the Jane Nicholas design, Lorna’s extraordinary skill in executing the design and Stewart Bath’s wonderful photography.

We’re in the process of photographing the work of one of our members, Lorna Loveland, who does the most amazing sewing and embroidery but it’s her Stumpwork that’s beyond awesome.

The first lot of photos that Stewart has delivered has enough material for four blog posts and includes two exquisite, jawdroppingly beautiful Jane Nicholas Mirrors. So over the next few weeks you’re in for a treat! You can find out more about Jane Nicholas and her designs here

I’m going to bookend the series of posts on Lorna’s work with the two Mirrors and here’s the first. You don’t need any words from me – the beauty of this Stumpwork eloquently speaks for itself.

Don’t forget you can click on the photos to get a more detailed look.

Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 in frame stitched by Lorna Loveland

Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 unframed stitched by Lorna Loveland

Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 Top Panel stitched by Lorna Loveland

Flower Detail from Top Panel from Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Middle of Top Panel of Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Needlewoven Flower Detail from Top Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland


Spider Detail from Right Panel of Jane Nicholas Mirror stitched by Lorna Loveland


Pink Flower Detail from Right Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Pea Pods and Pink Flowers from Right Panel of Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Red Flower Detail from Right Hand Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Snail and Cricket Details on Bottom Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Cricket Detail from Bottom Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Yellow Flower Detail on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Butterfly Detail from Left Hand Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror stitched by Lorna Loveland

Red Berry Detail from Left Hand Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

Purple Flower Detail from Left Hand Panel on Jane Nicholas Mirror 1 stitched by Lorna Loveland

I showed this Mirror and the photos to my family and it was interesting to see how the first reaction was to gasp at the beauty of the object. Then as they looked more closely they all responded to different details of the Stumpwork – one of the men in the family was a bit disconcerted to find himself drooling over stitched pea pods!!

Finally a very heartfelt and special thanks to Stewart Bath – this Mirror wasn’t easy to photograph. It was custom made for Lorna and has a special construction which gives it an unusual depth that’s integral to the whole visual effect. So not only did Stewart have the challenge of photographing the Stumpwork through the glass casing but also capturing the detail of stitching set at a greater depth than normal.

Well done Stewart! You’re a legend!


Looking Over Shoulders 3

Hi there again

The Guild started up for 2014 on Monday. Lots of people still on holidays so numbers were well down but there was some wonderful work in progress. Here’s a sample of what was happening:

Agnes Sciberras was working on this stunning contemporary seascape:

Agnes Sciberras - Contemporary Seascape in Hoop

The scene is from a photo she took down the South Coast of NSW around Narooma. If you want to look in more detail just click on the photo.

And here’s a closer look at the beautiful materials and stitching…

Agnes Sciberras - close-up of South Coast Seascape in Progress

 Ann Lond was meticulously stitching a Hardanger runner in a soft sage colour:

Anne Lond - Green Hardanger Runner in Progress

Here are the edges she was finishing:

Anne Lond - Green Hardanger Runner Edges in Hoop

And here are a couple of the ones she’s already done:

Anne Lond - Finished Edges on Green Hardanger in Progress

Barbara Adams fingers were flying as she progressed these Candlewicking blocks for a quilt:

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Rooster in Progress

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Dog

Barbara Adams - Candlewick Rabbit in Progress

Aren’t they cute?

On the other side of the table Val Woodward was creating this lovely Canvaswork piece in blue and turquoise:

Val Woodward - Blue and Turquoise Canvaswork in Progress

Next to her Pat Bootland was developing the latest of her inspiring Or Nue designs:

Pat Bootland - Or Nue of Man at Window in Progress

Pat is so skilled that she makes it look straightforward – just awesome!

And in her usual spot at the end of this table Ann Small was expertly cross stitching this challenging design:

Anne Small - Country Store x stitch on hoop

At the next table Kathy Pascoe was adding more roses to her vibrant tablecloth:

Kathy Pascoe Purple Tablecloth with Yellow Rose

While Margaret Cooper was creating these delicate Stumpwork elements:

Margaret Cooper  Stumpwork leaves etc in hoop

Meanwhile on the other side of the table the precise geometry of this Canvaswork was emerging from the expert stitching of Margaret O’Beirne:

Margaret OBeirne  Purple Canvaswork in Hoop

Across the way Evelyn Foster was showing us the Contemporary Whitework she’d just finished as part of her online course with Karen Ruane:

Contemporary Whitework by Evelyn Foster

And here’s the other side:

Reverse side of Contemporary Whitework by Evelyn Foster

This is Evelyn’s own design and is just wonderful!

She’d also stitched this needlecase for one of her friends on the table:

Evelyn Foster - Friends by Choice

Not far away a handsome cat was emerging from Joyce Lynch’s cross stitch:

Joyce Lynch - back of x stitch cat

And Helen Nastopoulos was stitching these cool mice:

Glenda Hudson - mice x-stitch

Sitting next to her Ruth Jackson showed us this endearing koala:

Ruth Jackson - x-stitch koala softie

Don’t you think he’s got great personality?

She’d also finished this cheeky cross stitch:

Ruth Jackson - Women and Men Communication x-stitch

and was working on this:

Ruth Jackson - X stitch Alphabet

A bit further around Gail Haidon was embroidering this colourful and softly delicate design:

Gail Haidon Blue and White Wool Embroidery in Progress

Here are these gorgeous blues in more detail:

Gail Haidon - Blue Wool Embroidery close up

Not far away Margaret Lamond was adding flowers to this brilliant piece:

Margaret Lamond - Gold embroidery in progress

At the next table Lesley Fusinato was creating another of her super cute mice – this time a little French mouse:

Lesley Fusinato - French mouse in hoop

Chatting quietly to Lesley was Margaret Roberts who was busy choosing colours for the next section of her contemporary landscape:

Margaret Roberts - Contemporary Landscape

I love the way she’s evoked the sense of part of the scene in sunlight and the rest in shadow – it adds realism to a striking design.

As I was walking out of the room I caught sight of Sue Scorgie with this Diana Lampe design in her hoop so I grabbed my Ipad and took these pics:

Sue Scorgie - Diana Lampe Design in Hoop

I wanted a closer look at the wisteria she was stitching so you get one too:

Sue Scorgie - Close up of Diana Lampe design in hoop


Exhibition of Miss Fisher’s Costumes

For the fans of the sumptuous costumes in the Australian TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries there’s great news. They’ll be on show at Old Government House Parramatta from 1 March to 1 June 2014 – here’s the link to the National Trust’s website. Thanks to Sarah Kimmorley from our evening group for the head’s up.



News Flash

Hi everyone

We have some news updates!

Butterfly Detail from Lorna’s Wren Stumpwork

After the last post there were a few requests for a closer view of the butterfly in Lorna’s Wren stumpwork. We aim to please so here’s the butterfly:

Lorna Loveland - Stumpwork Butterfly

New Galleries 

As you probably noticed the Members Gallery grew and grew and became unwieldy so Sharon B has created a whole series of new sub-galleries.

This presents a different challenge – how do you know if new photos have been uploaded without having to check every gallery? Well for the moment we’re going to list the new additions in special posts.

Some work includes a range of techniques and is shown in more than one gallery. Where this happens we’ll try to remember to flag it in our listing.

So here we go:

Beadwork – work by Glenda Hudson, Lesley Fusinato & Jenny Naughton

Crewel & Surface Stitchery – work by Diana Churchill, Anne Eccleston, Lesley Fusinato & Elvi McCann

Cross Stitch – work by Trish Hyland, Jenny Naughton & Luba Tomaska

Dolls & Softies – work by Irene Burton

Goldwork – work by Jenny Naughton

Hardanger – work by Marion Hendy & Elvi McCann

Quilts & Wallhangings – work by Lesley Fusinato

Seasonal Items – work by Glenda Hudson (same piece as in Beadwork gallery) & Lesley Fusinato

Stumpwork & Textured Stitching – work by Lesley Fusinato (same piece as in Beadwork gallery)

Vintage – work by Tina Korda

Hope this helps! If you have any ideas for how to handle this a different way just leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you.

2014 Challenge

Every second year the Guild holds a stitching Challenge.

Next year the commemorations of WWI begin and go through to 2018. The theme for the 2014 Challenge is Stitching Love and Hope.

How’s that for a teaser? Members will know more detail as soon as they purchase their envelopes……..and there’ll be an update in a blog post as soon as we know more!!!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Awesome Modern Take on Casalguidi Stitch

Hi again

The last couple of weeks have been super busy and I haven’t had as much time to post. So hopefully over the next week I’ll get a few extra posts written.

This one is few words and some wonderful embroidery for you.

When I was researching the Casalguidi post I talked to Pat Bootland about her teaching sample and the use of casalguidi stitch. Not long after she brought in a bag and said ‘I’ve got another example of casalguidi stitch to show you.’………and pulled out this beauty….

Casalguidi Garden Avenue in frame by Pat Bootland

It’s an absolutely exquisite piece of textured embroidery and all her own design. If you’d like a closer look just click on the photo to enlarge it.

The pergola is all worked in casalguidi stitch:

Garden Avenue without frame by Pat Bootland

The climbing rose in the foreground has needlelace flowers and needleweaving for the leaves:

Needlelace Flowers by Pat Bootland

The climber behind (is it wisteria?) is all bullions and french knots:

Bullions and French Knots by Pat Bootland

….and then there are the ferns around the base of the pillars:

Needleweaving by Pat Bootland

…..and look at how she’s created the paving stones – it’s padded satin stitch surrounded by french knots. So simple and yet so effective!

Paving stones Pat Bootland

I’m never sure how much detail you’d like about the embroideries so I really really need your input:

Would you like to know what threads Pat used for the various elements in the design?

How she achieved the three dimensional effect in the design?

How to draw the design right from the beginning?

Would some tutorials on creating plants and greenery using needleweaving be useful?

What about a tutorial on stitching the paving stones?

I’d really love to hear what you think if you’ve got the time to leave a comment.




Pat’s Stumpwork Box : Flowers, Funghi and Insects 2

Are you ready for a second look at Pat’s box. Well here goes…..

She’s so creative that not only did she fill the top of the lid with flowers, fruit and insects, she also decorated each vertical side of the lid!

This time it’s the funghi who are the stars. Pat says that each one is based on a real funghi.

Enjoy the eye candy!

Red Mushroom with White Spots by Pat Bootland


Blue Mushroom from Hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland


tan Mushroom with Beige Dashes by Pat Bootland



Pink Mushroom on Hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland

Cream Mushroom with Green Caterpillar on hexagonal Box by Pat Bootland


Three Copper and Cream Mushroom by Pat Bootland


Three Salmon Mushrooms by Pat Bootland


Two pale green mushrooms by Pat Bootland

An extra treat

I’ve saved something special to finish this post – an awesome stumpwork and goldwork beetle with or nue wings:

Goldwork Beetle by Pat Bootland

This beauty is on an or nue round box designed by Pat that you can see in the Members Gallery.

Take care!