Lesley’s Mice – Too Cute!!!

Hi again everyone

I’m writing this from the tropical heat and humidity of North Queensland. We’re here to see family and take care of my Mum who’s been very ill. After a week of non-stop medical appointments and procedures it looks like things might be back on track – cross fingers and toes and everything else !!!!

Woollen blanket stitched by Lesley Fusinato

The thought of a woollen blanket is unimaginable in the summer heat of the tropics but the embroidery on this one is soooo cute I can’t resist sharing it with you.

It has been stitched by Lesley Fusinato and just makes you smile……..

Mice on rug 1 stitched by Lesley Fusinato

And here are those awesome little mice in more detail:

Mice on rug 2 by Lesley Fusinato


Mice on Blanket 4 by Lesley Fusinato


Mice on Blanket 4 by Lesley Fusinato


Mice on Blanket 6 by Lesley Fusinato

What do you think – aren’t they just too cute?

If you’d like to see the photos in more detail just click on the images to enlarge them.

Enjoy! I’m off to do some more Christmas preparations……….

Take care!

Awesome Modern Take on Casalguidi Stitch

Hi again

The last couple of weeks have been super busy and I haven’t had as much time to post. So hopefully over the next week I’ll get a few extra posts written.

This one is few words and some wonderful embroidery for you.

When I was researching the Casalguidi post I talked to Pat Bootland about her teaching sample and the use of casalguidi stitch. Not long after she brought in a bag and said ‘I’ve got another example of casalguidi stitch to show you.’………and pulled out this beauty….

Casalguidi Garden Avenue in frame by Pat Bootland

It’s an absolutely exquisite piece of textured embroidery and all her own design. If you’d like a closer look just click on the photo to enlarge it.

The pergola is all worked in casalguidi stitch:

Garden Avenue without frame by Pat Bootland

The climbing rose in the foreground has needlelace flowers and needleweaving for the leaves:

Needlelace Flowers by Pat Bootland

The climber behind (is it wisteria?) is all bullions and french knots:

Bullions and French Knots by Pat Bootland

….and then there are the ferns around the base of the pillars:

Needleweaving by Pat Bootland

…..and look at how she’s created the paving stones – it’s padded satin stitch surrounded by french knots. So simple and yet so effective!

Paving stones Pat Bootland

I’m never sure how much detail you’d like about the embroideries so I really really need your input:

Would you like to know what threads Pat used for the various elements in the design?

How she achieved the three dimensional effect in the design?

How to draw the design right from the beginning?

Would some tutorials on creating plants and greenery using needleweaving be useful?

What about a tutorial on stitching the paving stones?

I’d really love to hear what you think if you’ve got the time to leave a comment.