Brazilian Embroidery Gallery

This technique is characterised by the use of rayon threads which have a sheen and a special z twist to them.

While the motifs are usually flowers the stitches used create a very textured and dimensional surface. If you love doing Bullion Knots, French Knots, Cast-on Stitch and Drizzle Stitch then you’ll love doing Brazilian embroidery. I can’t say that Bullion Knots are my favourite stitch but I do find them easier to do with rayon threads – somehow they’re more forgiving and it’s easier to control the tension and shape the knot after you’ve pulled the needle through.

The backgrounds which are flatter use stitches like Stem Stitch, Fly Stitch, Fishbone Stitch etc.

If you’d like to watch videos of how to do these stitches then head over here to Mary Corbet’s website.

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