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  1. Jill Holt says:

    I found a baby dress started in the 80s I need to sew it up and smock it I made a baby dress in 68 for school cert andmychidren have been christened in now I have found this one and need lessons on smoking again any Help?

    • Gail H says:

      Hi Jill
      We have a smocking group that meets in our rooms at Hackett on the first Saturday of each month, 1pm to 4pm (ie the next one is this coming Sat 7/7 They are into all things smocking so could probably help you out, although we don’t at this stage do any structured lessons. If you turn up and the front doors are locked, please ring the Guild’s number on the sign in the window, and someone can let you in. Or if you’d like to speak to this group’s Co-ordinator to find out more, I could give her your email address to make contact – let me know.
      Regards, Gail

  2. Nimo says:

    I want to join smocking classes.may I know the procedure?

    • Gail H says:

      Hi Nimo
      Normally that would be to come into the Guild at Hackett to join the Guild, then any member can join any of our Special Interest Groups, of which the Smocking Group is one. Please note that the group does not formally teach smocking, it’s a group of members, from novices to experts, who get together to share ideas, and of course, the more experienced members are happy to help those who are new to smocking. However sadly at present, all our group meetings are suspended due to the COVID-19 virus. Please watch the web site, which we are updating as circumstances change.
      Regards, Gail

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