Aussie Floral Emblems

Hi everyone

We’re enjoying the Australia Day long weekend here in Canberra.

To celebrate we’re going to share some lovely work featuring Aussie themes.

In this post we’re showing you a lovely piece of Canvaswork stitched by Kay Reid. The design showcases Australian floral emblems.

Here’s the whole design:

State Floral Emblems stitched by Kay Reid

and now for some close-ups…..

Golden Wattle – Floral Emblem of Australia

Goolden Wattle stitched by Kay Reid

Kangaroo Paw – State Floral Emblem of Western Australia

Kangaroo Paw stitched by Kay Reid

Cooktown Orchid – State Floral Emblem of Queensland

Cooktown Orchid stitched by Kay Reid

Waratah – State Floral Emblem of NSW

Waratah stitched by Kay Reid

Close up of Waratah stitched by Kay Reid

Sturt’s Desert Rose – Floral Emblem of the Northern Territory 

Sturts Desert Rose stitched by Kay Reid

Common Heath – State Floral Emblem of Victoria

Common Heath stitched by Kay Reid

 Tasmanian Blue Gum – State Floral Emblem of Tasmania

Tasmanian Blue Gum stitched by Kay Reid

Royal Blue Bell – Floral Emblem of the ACT……. and very special to our Guild

Royal Blue Bell stitched by Kay Reidand Sturt’s Desert Pea – State Floral Emblem of South Australia 

Sturtand s Desert Pea stitched by Kay Reid

Thank you for sharing this awesome embroidery Kay and also Stewart (Bath) for the great photos.

Take care!